Recollections of Mirabeau: And of the Two First Legislative Assemblies of France

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Carey & Lea, 1833 - France - 399 pages

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Page 136 - Sorbonne, and each apprentice in the art of legislation, was trying his yet unfledged wings, upon such puerilities. After the rejection of several models, a committee of five members was appointed to present a new one. Mirabeau, one of the five, undertook the work with his usual generosity, but imposed its execution upon his friends. He set about the task, and there were he, Duroverai, Claviere, and I, writing, disputing, adding, striking out, and exhausting both time and patience, upon this ridiculous...
Page 135 - Burke may seem to have been justified by posterior events, it yet remains to be shown, that the war-cry then raised against France did not greatly contribute to the violence which characterised that period. It is possible that had he merely roused the attention of the governments and wealthy classes to the dangers of this new political creed, he might have proved the saviour of Europe ; but he made such exaggerated statements, and used arguments so alarming to freedom, that on many points he was...
Page 319 - To a very beautiful person, Madame Roland united great powers of intellect ; her reputation stood very high, and her friends never spoke of her but with the most profound respect. In character she was a Cornelia ; and had she been blessed with sons, would have educated them like the Gracchi. The simplicity of her dress did not detract from her natural grace and elegance, and though her pursuits were more adapted to the other sex, she adorned them with all the charms of her own. Her personal memoirs...
Page 171 - They who heard this speech will never forget it ; it excited every gradation of terror, and a devouring gulf, with the groans of the victims it swallowed, of which the orator gave a very appalling description, seemed pictured to the senses of the audience.
Page 227 - This is the origin of the evil. Since they have carried that point, they have not ceased to show that they are unworthy of confidence. They wanted to govern the King, instead of being governed by him ; but soon neither they nor he will govern ; a vile faction will rule the country, and debase it by the most atrocious crimes " I did not then think that Mirabeau's forebodings would be realized in every point.
Page 273 - Rights of Man ought to be substituted for every other book in the world ; and he told us roundly that, if it were in his power to annihilate every library in existence, he would do so without hesitation in order to eradicate the errors they contained and commence with the Rights of Man, a new era of ideas and principles.
Page 137 - ... committee. Mirabeau, on presenting the project, even ventured to make some objections to it, and proposed to defer the declaration of rights until the constitution should be completed.

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