The Hole in the Wall

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McClure, Phillips & Company, 1902 - Adventure stories - 415 pages
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Page 32 - ing.'—Examiner. Anthony Hope's Novels. Crown $vo. 6s. each. THE GOD IN THE CAR. Ninth Edition. ' A very remarkable book, deserving of critical analysis impossible within our limit; brilliant, but not superficial; well considered, but Dot elaborated; constructed with the proverbial art that conceals, but yet allows itself to be enjoyed by readers to whom fine
Page 20 - THE STORY OF IRELAND. Crown Bvo. as. 6d. Mrs. Oliphant THOMAS CHALMERS. With Portrait. Crown Bvo. 3*. 6d. [Leaders of Religion. CW Oman, MA. Fellow of All Souls', Oxford. A HISTORY OF THE ART OF WAR. Vol. ii.: The Middle Ages, from the Fourth to the Fourteenth Century. Illustrated. Demy Bvo.
Page 21 - A history written in the spirit of scientific precision so worthily represented by Dr. Petrie and his school cannot but promote sound and accurate study, and supply a vacant place in the English literature of Egyptology.'—Times. VOL. i. PREHISTORIC TIMES TO XVlTH DYNASTY. Fourth Edition. VOL. n. THE XVIlTH AND XVIII™ DYNASTIES. Third Edition. VOL.
Page 21 - THE CAPT1VI. Edited, with an Introduction. Textual Notes, and a Commentary, by WM LINDSAY, Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford. DemyBvo. ios.6d. net. For this edition all the important MSS. have been re-collated. An appendix deals with the accentual element in early Latin verse. The Commentary is very full 'A work
Page 19 - [Leaders of Religion. EV Lucas. See Jane Austen and Mrs. Gaskell and Charles Lamb. Lucian. SIX DIALOGUES (Nigrinus, Icaro-Menippus, The Cock, The Ship, The Parasite, The Lover of Falsehood). Translated by ST Irwin, MA, Assistant Master at Clifton; late Scholar of Exeter College, Oxford. Crown
Page 34 - A great book.'—Black and White. THE BATTLE OF THE STRONG: a Romance of Two Kingdoms. Illustrated. Fourth Edition. ' Nothing more vigorous or more human has come from Mr. Gilbert Parker than this novel.'—L iterature. THE POMP OF THE LAVILETTES. Second Edition. 35. 6d. 'Unforced pathos, and a deeper knowledge of human nature than
Page 35 - A book which has abundantly satisfied us by its capital humour.'—Daily Chronicle. THE MUTABLE MANY. Second Edition. ' There is much insight in it, and much excellent humour.'—Daily Chronicle. THE COUNTESS TEKLA. Third Edition. 'Of these mediaeval romances, which are now gaining ground "The Countess Tekla' r is the very best we have seen.'—Pall Mall
Page 2 - FIRTH, MA, and Notes and Appendices by Mrs. SC LOMAS. Three Volumes. 6s. each. [Methuen's Standard Library. This edition is brought up to the standard of modern scholarship by the addition of recent research has discovered. numerous new letters of Cromwell, and by the correction of many errors which CRITICAL AND HISTORICAL ESSAYS. By LORD
Page 34 - CHILDREN OF THE MIST. THE HUMAN BOY. With a Frontispiece. Fourth Edition. SONS OF THE MORNING. Second Edition. 'Mr. Phillpotts knows exactly what school-boys do, and can lay bare their inmost thoughts; likewise he shows an allpervading sense of humour.'—Academy. ' A book of strange power and fascination.'—Morning Post. 6s. each. THE STRIKING HOURS. Second Edition.
Page 26 - An original work written on an original plan, and with uncommon freshness and vigour.'—Speaker. This book is intended for the Middle and Upper Forms of Public Schools and for Pass Students at the Universities. It contains copious Tables, etc. OXFORD AND ITS COLLEGES, Illustrated by EH New. Fourth Edition. Pott Bvo. Cloth,

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