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Page 22 - The chief matters of contention were the western doctrine of the procession of the Holy Spirit from both the Father and the Son, the claims to papal supremacy, the forms of baptism, and the Latin use of unleavened bread in the eucharist.
Page 31 - Greek churches of the east, to the procession of the Holy Spirit from the Son as well as from the Father...
Page 32 - Spirit — of the procession of the Holy Spirit from both the Father and the Son as from one principle — is necessary for the due apprehension of the Trinity.
Page 19 - Raymond Klibansky, The Continuity of the Platonic Tradition during the Middle Ages (London, 1939), pp. 24, 33. 28. In William's lifetime, Boethius...
Page 25 - Father denotes the momentum of necessity, the " procession " of the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son, denotes the momentum of freedom in the inner revelation.
Page 61 - ... physician could learn about medicine, if that was his purpose, in twelfth century Athens. Matthew Paris has preserved a tale of study in Athens by John of Basingstoke, Archdeacon of Leicester, who died in 1252. Basingstoke is reported to have told Robert Grosseteste, the famous Bishop of Lincoln, 'quod quando studuit Athenis viderat et audierat ab peritis Graecorum doctoribus quaedam Latinis incognita.
Page 72 - Chrysoloras' wife was a Genoese, Manfredina Doria, another indication of the closeness of Italo-Greek relations at the close of the fourteenth century and the beginning of the fifteenth.
Page 65 - He carried on a persistent and animated correspondence with the illustrious Juan Fernández de Heredia, friend of six popes of Avignon and grand master of the Hospitallers. Heredia was one of the first magnates in Europe truly to interest himself in the history and literature of ancient and medieval Greece.21 John's cor19 Gregorovius, Stadt Athen 2: 192; GregoroviusLampros, Athens (in Greek), 2: 195; Rubio y Lluch, Joan I humanista i el primer période de l'humanisme cátala, Estudis Universitaris...
Page 39 - In diebus illis legebantur Parisius libelli quidam ab Aristotele, ut dicebatur, compositi qui docebant metaphysicam, delati de novo a Constantinopoli...
Page 19 - L. Minio-Paluello, Henri Aristippe, Guillaume de Moerbeke et les traductions latines médiévales des "Météorologiques" et du "De generatione et corruptione...

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