Nelson's American Lancet, Volume 10

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The Lancet, 1854
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Page 127 - PARKER. THE MODERN TREATMENT OF SYPHILITIC DISEASES, both Primary and Secondary ; comprising the Treatment of Constitutional and Confirmed Syphilis, by a safe and successful Method.
Page 264 - THE MICROSCOPIC ANATOMY OF THE HUMAN BODY, IN HEALTH AND DISEASE. Illustrated with Several Hundred Drawings in Colour. Two vols. 8vo. cloth, 1. 10s.
Page 33 - A UNIVERSAL FORMULARY, containing the methods of Preparing and Administering Officinal and other Medicines. The whole adapted to Physicians and Pharmaceutists.
Page 281 - MD, Demonstrator of Anatomy. The Anatomical rooms will be opened for Students, on the first Monday of October. A full Preliminary Course of Lectures, free to all Students, will be given by the Professors, commencing also on the first Monday of October. A...
Page 35 - Venesection in mental disorders should not be absolutely abandoned, although the cases requiring it are very rare. 7. As a general rule, topical is preferable to general bleeding. 8. In many cases where the indication for direct depletion is not urgent, but where bloodletting, particularly if local, might be practised without injury, it is safer and better to treat by other means, equalizing the circulation and promoting the secretions and excretions. 9. The physical conditions requiring blood-letting...
Page 264 - Air-Passages, by S. D. Gross, MD, Professor of Surgery in the University of Louisvifle.
Page 161 - Now, with regard to the prevention of ii threatened miscarriage, I wish very emphatically to remark that this can often be accomplished, even when apparently there exists no longer any hope of attaining this desirable object; and you must allow me to impress upon you not only the necessity, but the high moral obligation imposed on the practitioner, of employing in the most faithful manner those means which are best calculated to arrest the premature action of the uterus. Let us now examine in what...
Page 218 - HEALTHY SKIN; A Popular Treatise on the Skin and Hair, their Preservation and Management. Second American, from the fourth London edition. One neat volume, royal 12mo., extra cloth, of about 300 pages, with numerous illustrations.
Page 35 - ... with plethora and enduring vital power. 4. The excitement, both mental and physical, produced by this irritation, can, in most cases, be permanently subdued, and its radical source removed by other means, more readily than by bleeding. 5. Yet insanity may be coexistent with conditions, — such as positive plethora, a tendency to apoplexy or paralysis, and sometimes sthenic congestion or inflammation, which call for the abstraction of blood. Therefore, 6. Venesection...
Page 263 - Structures and Functions of the Organs of Man, illustrated by comparative reference to those of the inferior animals. Also, an Essay on the Preservation of Health, with fourteen quarto plates and over eighty engravings on wood, making in all nearly two hundred figures.

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