A Memoir of Sir John Drummond Hay: Sometime Minister at the Court of Morocco Based on His Journals and Correspondence

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J. Murray, 1896 - Diplomats - 407 pages
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Page 330 - There was a night lamp in the room. I sat up and listened, looking around the room, but there was no one except my wife, sleeping quietly in bed. I listened for some seconds, expecting to hear footsteps outside, but complete stillness prevailed, so I lay down again, thanking (Jod that the voice which woke me was an hallucination.
Page 329 - Mogador with his family, where he was at that time Consul. It was in the month of February. I had lately received good accounts of my son and his family. I was also in perfect health. About 1 am (I forget the exact day in February), whilst sleeping soundly at Tangier, I was woke by hearing distinctly the voice of my daughter-in-law, who was with her husband at Mogodor, saying in a clear but distressed tone of voice, " Oh, I wish papa only knew that Robert is ill.
Page 330 - As it may be of interest for you to receive a corroboration of what I have related, from the persons I have mentioned, who happen to be with me at this date, they also sign, to affirm the accuracy of all I have related. When I resigned, in 1886, I destroyed, unfortunately, a number of my diaries and amongst them that of 1879, or I should have been able to state the day, and might have sent you the leaf on which I noted the incident.
Page 128 - ... possess large gardens and extensive vineyards, and cultivate more corn than they can possibly consume. That they have a form of government, and have possessed this soil from the time of Solomon ; in proof of which he stated...
Page 357 - It would never do for us that France should hold the Straits, the gut of commerce, the passage to India and the East. It is far more likely to be dangerous than if she held the Canal. As a sentinel of the Straits I fire my gun, as a warning, when I know of a move to obtain that object.
Page 348 - Tangier must either remain in the hands of a neutral Power like Morocco, or England must hold it.
Page 279 - ... would desire to listen to the language of flattery, words that will give you joy and pleasure, admiration of all I have seen and learnt during my long residence in your dominions, or whether your Majesty would elect that I should speak out the truth, and make known, without reserve, that which may give your Majesty pain, distress, and even, it may be feared, offence.' " The Sultan, looking very grave, replied : ' This is the first time in my life that I have been asked by any man whether I would...
Page 39 - Reshid (in a hesitating manner). ' I beg your Majesty's pardon for indelicacy, but it is — it is — a female', and she always carries the jewels on her person when she wishes to dispose of them for sale, and never puts them in a case.
Page 40 - Pekkei—good,' said the Sultan (as Lady Londonderry curtseyed), ' she has brought magnificent jewels.' Reshid (turning to the lady). ' His Majesty graciously bids you welcome.' Lady Londonderry bowed and expressed her thanks in French. Reshid (interpreting). ' She says she has other jewelry, but could not put on all.
Page 40 - His Majesty says that perhaps you would like to take a walk in the garden.' Lady Londonderry expresses her thanks, and would like to see the garden. Reshid (to Sultan).

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