A Progressive German Reader: Adapted to the American Edition of Ollendorff's German Grammar : with Notes and a Vocabulary

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D. Appleton & Company, 1867 - German language - 308 pages
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Page 311 - OLLENDORFF'S NEW METHOD OF LEARNING TO READ, WRITE, AND SPEAK THE GERMAN LANGUAGE. Reprinted from the Frankfort edition, to which is added a Systematic Outline of the different Parts of Speech, their Inflection and Use, with full Paradigms, and a . complete List of the L-regular Verbs.
Page 314 - ... the interest of the scholar. 2. It is progressive in its nature, the pieces being at first very short and easy, and increasing in difficulty and length as the learner advances. 3. At the bottom of the page constant references to the Grammar are made, and the difficult passages explained and rendered.
Page 314 - Grammar are made, the difficult passages are explained and rendered. To encourage the first attempt of the learner as much as possible, the twenty-one pieces of the first section are analyzed, and all the necessary words given at the bot torn of the page. The notes, which at first are very abundant, diminish as the learner advances.
Page 317 - Ollendorff is applied hi this volume to the Spanish language. Having received, from the two distinguished editors to whom its supervision was intrusted, corrections, emendations, and additions, which specially adapt it to the youth of this country, it is believed to embrace every possible advantage for imparting a thorough and practical knowledge of Spanish. A course of systematic grammar underlies the whole ; but its development is so gradual and inductive as not to weary the learner. Numerous examples...
Page 322 - That the parts of all the irregular verbs are inserted in alphabetical order, so that one reference gives the mood, tense, person, and number. 8. That some some four thousand new French words, connected with ecience, art, and literature, have been added.
Page 313 - The aim of the distinguished author of this work has been to embody all the valuable results of the most recent investigations in a German Lexicon, which might become not only a reliable guide for the practical acquisition of the language, but one which would not forsake the student in the higher walks of his pursuits, to which its treasures would invite him.
Page 313 - ... would invite him. In the preparation of the German and English Part, the basis adopted has been the work of Flügel, compiled in reality by Heimann, Feiling, and Oxenford. This was the most complete and judiciously prepared manual of the kind in England. The present work contains the accentuation of every German word, several hundred synonymes, together with a classification and alphabetical list of the irregular verbs, and a Dictionary of German abbreviations. The foreign words, likewise, which...
Page 311 - Grammar has undergone careful revision at the bunds of a ripe scholar, whose position has made him acquainted with the wants of pupils in this country. He has adapted the whole to their necessities, and added what seemed necessary to a complete development of the subject. Practical German Grammar. By CHARLES EICHHORN. 12mo, 287 pages. Those who have used Eichhorn's Grammar commend it in the highest terms for the excellence of its arrangement, the simplicity of its rules, and the tact with which abstruse...

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