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I knew this woman and most of the people she included in HER history of the SYC. We called her "Scheib-tha-Snob. She only mentions in her book what she felt was the "cream de la cream" of New Orleans uptown (which includes "old Metairie") Society. Many of whom were mediocre sailors and "armchair" sailors (raced imaginary sailboats from their comfy club chairs, cocktails in-hand).
If she were alive, I'd ask her how far back could she could trace her family and their deeds. Then, as she fumbled, stumbled and stammered, I'd show her my famiglia in an archival document titled: Noble Italian Families of the 6th thru 11th Century and then I'd show her historical documents of my very ancient ancestors who were (minor) Kings of Norway and Sweden (Gandolf). They were Vikings that settled in Northern Italy (Lombards). My apologies to the good, hardy and great sailors of SYC but this is the way snobs must be treated.
Thomas C. Gandolfo

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