Advanced Robotics & Intelligent Machines

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Advanced robotics' describes the use of sensor-based robotic devices which exploit powerful computers to achieve the high levels of functionality that begin to mimic intelligent human behaviour. The object of this book is to summarise developments in the base technologies, survey recent applications and highlight new advanced concepts which will influence future progress.
I. Technologies (Recent developments in advanced robotics and intelligent systems; Machine intelligence - architectures, controllers and applications; Advanced control systems for robotic arms; Intelligent gripping systems; Force feedback control in robots applied to decommissioning; Tele-presence control of robots; Sensing and sensor management for planning); II Applications (Robotics in the nuclear industry; Robots in surgery; Intelligent autonomous systems for cars; Walking machine technology; Handling of flexible materials in automation; Robotics in food manufacturing; Robotic milking; Error-free semiconductor wafer handling); III Advanced concepts and procedures (The concept of robot society and its utilisation; Miniature and microrobotics; Characteristics of robot behavior; A behaviour synthesis architecture for co-operant mobile robots; Co-operant behaviour in multiple manipulators; Neural networks in automation procedures; Parallel processing, neural networks and genetic algorithms for real-time robot control); Index.

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Architectures controllers and applications
Advanced control systems for robotic arms
Intelligent Gripping Systems
Force feedback control in robots and its application
Telepresence control of robots
Sensing and Sensor Management for Planning
Intelligent Autonomous Systems for Cars
Robotic Milking
Intelligent sensing as a means to error free semiconductor wafer
Advanced Concepts and Procedures
technologies and applications
Characteristics of robot behaviour
A behaviour synthesis architecture for cooperant mobile robots
Cooperant behaviour in multiple manipulators
Neural Networks in Automation Procedures

Handling of flexible materials in automation
Robotics in food manufacturing
Parallel Processing Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms

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About the author (1996)

John Gray is Professor of Control and Systems Engineering, Chairman of the Department of Electronic Engineering and Director of the Telford Research Institute at the University of Salford. In 1986 he took part in forming a five-year research programme on advanced robotics, in association with 12 industrial partners who collaborated in the government-sponsored National Advanced Robotics Research Centre (ARRC) at Salford. He served as Research Director of the ARRC, chaired its technical committee and was the main board member of its industrial consortium, Advanced Robotics Research Ltd. He is a member of the permanent international committee of the International Conference on Advanced Robotics and a Fellow of the IEE.

Darwin Caldwell is a Lecturer in Advanced Robotics at the University of Salford. His research interests cover all aspects of robotics, with particular emphasis on dextronus manipulator design, multi-functional tactile sensing and feedback and novel actuator design, with primary applications in the field of tele-presence. He has authored over 50 publications and is an Associate Member of the IEE.