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Twelve-year-old Derek—a notoriously reluctant reader of everything but Calvin and Hobbes—would rather set the grass on fire with his sister's old sunlamp than tackle his summer reading list. More than that, though, he wants to figure out why his mom's acting so weird about the ten-year-old article he found from a Martha's Vineyard newspaper entitled "LOCAL GIRL FOUND DEAD ON BEACH." That mystery ... Read full review

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Pretty simple. If you like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, then you'll enjoy this book too. It's not as picture reliant or intensive as the Diary series. Instead it has doodles and scribbles of ... Read full review

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Awesome book! Great imagery and twist, that was unexpected. I love the story behind the adventure and the mystery. I recommend this book to others!

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Derek has a good life until THE BOOK comes and now his summer is like a rotten fish in a toilet that never flushes. I Think this book is good for kids age 10 and under and that the book is funny and very realistic I recommend this book

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I didn't read this book but i think this is a very good book.

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i think this book is the best book i have ever read in my entire life it waas soooooooooooooooo AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!

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As a Language ARts and Reading teacher, my number one goal has always been to get students who think they don't like to read, to discover they do like to read. Often it is because they have no say in what they read. Other times it is because it is too difficult for them.
Derek is like this, he likes to read but not what others think he should read. He has been given a summer reading assignment. He is doing everything he can to avoid it. He stumbles across an old trunk in the attic with a newspaper article about a girl drowning at Martha's Vineyard. When he asks his mom about it she brushes the topic aside. Derek won't let it go until he finds out the absolute truth. Along the way to the truth he learns some tricks that will help him along the path to reading. I loved the way the book was set up and the little tips and tricks in there. I know a lot of reluctant readers who will really enjoy this book.

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Part mystery, part adventure, part comedy, as a mischievous twelve-year old boy struggles through his summer reading assignments. Read full review

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