Wiley's Health Series: Nutrition, Hygiene, Physiology ...

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Rand, McNally, 1917 - Hygiene
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Page 195 - And in every matter of wisdom and understanding, concerning which the king inquired of them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters that were in all his realm.
Page 201 - It ain't no use to grumble and complain; It's just as cheap and easy to rejoice: When God sorts out the weather and sends rain, W'y, rain's my choice.
Page 51 - It serves the double purpose of a receptacle for the food and an organ in which certain important digestive processes take place. It is situated in the upper part of the abdominal cavity, and is held in place by folds of the peritoneum and by the esophagus.
Page 227 - The great artery which carries the blood from the heart to all parts of the body except to the lungs ; the main trunk of the arterial system.
Page 218 - ... women who do not smoke, have the right to ask the others to put away their cigars when they are in our company. We ask them for a free passage through the world, with pure air all the way.
Page 63 - What is the liver? The liver is one of the largest organs of the body. It is situated on the right side, immediately under the diaphragm. The liver of a full-grown person in good health weighs from three to four rSpigelian lobe , T, . mr*m-.
Page 7 - This is a question that has been the subject of much discussion.
Page 63 - Carbohydrate foods are absorbed from the intestine during digestion and are carried to the liver by way of the portal vein in the...
Page 230 - ... by which the blood is returned to the right auricle of the heart the term applied to the blood which is passing through the veins as opposed to arterial blood vertebra (vur'tebrd; pi.

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