New Views of Early Virginia History, 1606-1619, Volume 78

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Bedford Index Print, 1886 - Virginia - 18 pages
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Page 6 - There never was, anywhere, any thing like the sixty or seventy years that elapsed from the middle of Elizabeth's reign to the period of the Restoration. In point of real force and originality of genius, neither the age of Pericles, nor the age of Augustus, nor the times of Leo X., nor of Louis XIV., can come at all into comparison...
Page 11 - They that go down to the sea in ships : and occupy their business in great waters; These men see the works of the Lord : and his wonders in the deep.
Page 10 - as an action concerning God, and the advancement of religion, the present ease, future honor and safety at the Kingdome, the strength of our Navy, the visible hope of a great and rich trade, and many secrett blessings not yet discovered...
Page 15 - And thou Virginea, whom though mine eies see not, my heart shall love : how hath God honoured thee ! Thou hast thy name from the worthiest Queene that ever the world had : thou hast thy matter from the greatest King on earth : and thou shalt now have thy forme from one of the most glorious Nations under the Sunne...
Page 13 - The general plan determined upon for securing a firm hold on the land was " so to set and furnish out under the conduct of one able and absolute Governor, a large supply of five hundred men, with some number of families, of wife, children and servants, to take fast holde and roote in that land — and this resolution was with much alacrity and confidence.
Page 6 - Virginia; and shall, from time to time, have the superior managing and direction, only of and for all matters, that shall or may concern the government, as well of the said several colonies, as of and for any other part or place, within the aforesaid precincts of four and thirty and five and forty degrees...
Page 11 - ... it be out of any lake, the passage to the other sea will be more easy, and [it] is like enough, that out of the same lake you shall find some spring which run[s] the contrary way towards the East India Sea...
Page 9 - ... yet let it be crabbed too, because of their sower lookes when they see the Collectors come for mony. So that of all our Adventurers, I may well say there is, but one third part, which (to their praise) from the first undertaking to this day have not ceased to give their counsels, spend their times, and lay downe their monies, omitting no occasion to expresse their zeale for effecting (if it may be possible) so great a worke for their King and Countries honour, as our nation never tooke the like...
Page 12 - Majesties councel of that Colony, for the constant and patient prosecution thereof, until by the mercies of God it shall retribute a fruitfull harvest to the kingdom of heaven, and this Common-wealth. Sett forth by the authority of the Governors und Councellors established for that Plantation — .London.
Page 15 - ... but a little portion of thy honour : for thy God is coming towards thee, and in the meane time sends to thee, and salutes thee with the best blessing heaven hath, even his blessed Gospell. Looke up therefore, and lift up thy head, for thy redemption draweth nie : and he that was the God of Israel, and is still the God of England, will shortly I doubt not bring it to passe, that men shall say, Blessed be the Lord God of Virginea ; and let all Christian people say. Amen.

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