The Numismatic Chronicle, Volume 4

Front Cover
John Yonge Akerman, Sir John Evans, William Sandys Wright Vaux, Frederic William Madden, Barclay Vincent Head, Herbert Appold Grueber, Edward James Rapson, Oliver Codrington, Sir George Francis Hill, George Cyril Brooke
Royal Numismatic Society., 1864 - Numismatics
With v. 1 is bound; Horta, de, chevalier. Catalogue d'une partie de la collection de médailles. Londres, J. Wertheimer.

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Page 5 - Council, it may not be out of place to add a few words on the consequences which have either followed or have been supposed to follow from it.
Page 75 - żi. is 1864 History of the Violin and other Instruments played on with a Bow, from the Earliest Times to the Present, also an Account of the Principal Makers, English and Foreign. By WILLIAM SANDYS, Esq., FSA, and SIMON ANDREW FORSTER.
Page 56 - The very small mote which may be discerned in a sunbeam passing through a lattice is the first of quantities, and men call it a trasarenu.
Page 155 - Indeed, it is a noteworthy fact, that according to a Parliamentary return, lately issued, of all objects coming under the denomination of Treasure Trove, which have been claimed by the Solicitor of the Treasury, on behalf of the Crown, between the 1st of March, 1864, and the 10th of May, lb(J5, Leicestershire contributes two out of the five findings claimed.
Page 51 - That land on which the black antelope naturally grazes is held fit for the performance of sacrifices ; but the land of Mlech'has, or those who speak barbarously, differs widely from it.
Page 2 - And he looked this way, and that way, and when he saw that there was no man, he smote the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.
Page 47 - Sukta (pp. 278—281); all these particulars, although they are only briefly and incidentally thrown out, chiefly by way of comparison or illustration, render it indisputable that the Hindus of the Vaidik era even had attained to an advanced stage of civilization, little if at all differing from that in which they were found by the Greeks at Alexander's invasion, although no doubt they had not spread so far to the east, and were located chiefly in the Punjab and along the Indus...
Page 50 - Brahman, who was born in that country, let all men on earth learn their several usages.
Page 63 - Whosoever shall falsely make or counterfeit any coin resembling or apparently intended to resemble or pass for any of the Queen's current copper coin; and whosoever, without lawful authority or excuse (the proof whereof shall lie on the party accused), shall knowingly make or mend, or begin or proceed to make or mend, or buy or sell, or have in his custody or possession...

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