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PublishAmerica, 2006 - Fiction - 328 pages
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Daxton Riley, a stop-at-nothing fearless CIA agent, has been called in to fight the United States' most deadly attack by terrorists. It is just ten days until Veteran's Day on November 11, 2011, and Washington is honoring the men and women who have fought in all wars in the history of the United States. Despite all the buzz going on, Daxton Riley senses the trouble the nation is about to face if he doesn't stop it. All the CIA intelligence has pointed to a rip-roaring terrorist attack on our homeland, and it's up to Riley to stop them. Daxton leaves immediately for the Middle East, where he leads a Special Forces crew on a raid in a small town. Their main target is al Qaeda, as that is where most of the intelligence chatter is coming from. They discover maps, notes, computers, files, passports and airline tickets. Some of the most disturbing were eleven bills of lading for eleven different cities that point to a major nuke attack on the United States. Daxton quickly relays the information he has discovered back to CIA headquarters, and a nuclear team scurries to the scene. By the end of the next day, all the bombs had been located and disarmed, stopping the immediate danger. Or had they?

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