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On The Road With The 'O' Show: Oprah Tells Key Campaign States 'Obama is the One'.
Barack Obama (American president); 1961- (Presidential campaign, 2008), Oprah Winfrey (American television talk show host.), Presidential campaigns (2008), Black celebrities (Political activities)
Bush Offers Plan To Put A Halt On Some Foreclosures
Foreclosure, Blacks (Housing), Subprime loans (Default), United States (Economic policy)
Jena 6 Teen Makes Plea Deal; White Victim Sues Black Students, School Board Over Beating
Mychal Bell (American high school student convicted of battery) (Trials, litigation, etc), Justin Barker (American high school student and victim of attack) (Trials, litigation, etc), Jena (La.) (Race relations, Criminal justice, Administration of)
This Week In Black History
Patricia Harris (American cabinet member); 1924-1985 (Selection and appointment), Jack Johnson (American boxer.); 1878-1946
Tips for Making Your Special Gift Unique
Eleanor Leinen (American giftwrapping company founder.), Gift wrapping
Kanye West Sweeps Grammy Nominations
Kanye West (American rapper and record producer.), Herbie Hancock (American jazz keyboardist and composer.); 1940-, Akon (Senegalese-American rap and rhythm and blues singer.), Grammy Awards
Thrills to Come
Michael Jackson (American singer and songwriter); 1958-2009 (Sound recordings), Will. i. Am (Musician) (American singer.); 1975-, Akon (Senegalese-American rap and rhythm and blues singer.), Kanye West (American rapper and record producer.), Rock music (Sound recordings)

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