Sarah Palin Rendezvous with Liberty

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Xulon Press, 2009 - Political Science - 460 pages
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Rendezvous with America The Unexpected Story.... In the political battlefield of 2008 where politicians were hiding under their desks and making sorry excuses for their overspending and irresponsible leadership, Sarah Palin took America by storm. Chronicling Governor Palin's life, Mark Nusbaum reveals the "real" Sarah Palin amidst the political turmoil unfolding around her. He describes in detail why her passion for individual liberty, limited government, and fiscal prudence is capturing American hearts and minds. To Democrats, "She is an existential threat" - Dick Morris To "business as usual" Republicans, she is their biggest nightmare. "Political figures like this don't come along very often. Republicans haven't seen anyone like Palin emerge from their ranks since Ronald Reagan...They've been starved for a leader with charisma and a knack for leadership. Now they have one." - Fred Barnes Weekly Standard It's a mistake to underestimate her... - Former President Bill Clinton Does She Have a Rendezvous with America? With masterful precision Mark Nusbaum weaves the ebb and flow of Governor Palin's 2008 campaign message into a platform of ideas that are destined to shape America's future. As she has spent her career fighting for and delivering transparency, accountability, limited government, and pro-growth economic policies for the citizens of Alaska, Sarah Palin is now on the edge of leading a movement to take America back from big government liberals. I watched the way she connected with people..., and she's powerful. Her politics aren't my politics. But you can see that she's a very powerful, very disciplined, incredibly gracious woman... People connect to her." - Lorne Michaels, Executive Producer, Saturday Night Live "Now democrats have something to worry about!" - Howard Wolfson, Clinton Campaign Manager This book explains the impact Governor Palin's message and the choice Americans have in the days ahead.

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