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I am honestly desperate for a copy of this book.

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Although the authors have some good points about self-justification in a few sections of the book, they clearly spend way too much time on the "problem" and their political biases than a plausible solution to overcoming self-justification. I read the last page of the book in complete disgust as to the topic they chose to end with and completely irritated that very few solutions were offered to help minimize self-justification in ourselves as well as others. I guess I should have read the title a little closer: It states "Why we..." and not "How to overcome why we..."
Also found it very fitting based on the severe bias that shone through the entire book that there was not one mention of the infamous "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" by Bill Clinton. Now that's a perfect example of self-justification if I've ever seen one!
There is nothing more irritating to me than reading 200 pages about a problem and then getting to the end and realizing the author offered no real solutions but a ton of biased opinions. What a waste!

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