A General History of the Christian Church: From the Fall of the Western Empire to the Present Time, Volume 2

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A. Kennedy, 1802 - Church history
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Page 469 - a dutiful subject to your majesty, and I hope ever will be. Next to God, I profess obedience to my king. But as to the spiritual dominion of the Pope, I never could see on what foundation it is claimed, nor can I pay him any obedience. As sure as God's •word is true, to me it is fully evident that he is the great antichrist foretold in holy writ.
Page 466 - Christ on the cross (which is the token of peace, mercy and charity) a banner to lead us to slay christian men, for the love of two false priests, and to oppress Christendom worse than Christ and his apostles were oppressed by the Jews? When, said he, will the proud priest of Rome grant indulgences to mankind to live in peace and charity, as he now does to fight and slay one another?
Page 466 - ... war. — Christ suffered Peter to fall into an error in this matter, on purpose that, when He had put up Peter's sword, it might remain no longer a doubt that war was prohibited, which, before that order, had been considered as allowable.
Page 282 - Spirit proceeded from the Son, as well as from the " Father ; that departed souls were purified in the " infernal regions, by a certain kind of fire, before " their admission to the presence...
Page 156 - Totum, Deus, in te spero ; Deus, ex te totum quaero : Tu laus mea, meum bonum ; Mea cuncta, tuum donum. Tu solamen in labore, Medicamen in languore ; Tu in luctu mea lyra ; Tu lenimen es in ira ; Tu in arcto liberator ; Tu in lapsu relevator...
Page 404 - ... would in the End oblige him to fubmit, and refign a Dignity which he could not fupport. On the nth of November of the fame Year the French Bifhops met again, and it was...
Page 158 - Urbs caeleftis, urbs beata, Supra petram collocata. Urbs in portu fatis tuto, De longinquo te faluto. Te faluto, te fufpiro, Te affefto, te require. Quantum tui gratulentur, Quam feftive conviventur.
Page 470 - Do you not then believe in the determination of the church? — " I do not, I believe the scriptures ; and all that is founded upon them : but in your idle determinations I have no belief. To be short with you, I cannot consider the church of Rome as any part of the Christian church, Its endeavour is to oppose the purity of the gospel, and to set up in its room, I know not what absurd constitutions of its own.
Page 315 - However he rofe, and taking fome hay from the manger, laid it at her feet ; and then as he was looking another way, the Son of God came out of the womb of the virgin, without giving her any pain, and lay on the hay that was at her feet. She then...
Page 427 - Decrees they had made for the Reformation of the Church in its Head and its Members to all the Chriftian Princes, to be published by them in their refpective Dorbt Pragma- minions.

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