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The author, a “prodigious savant” extraordinary by normal standards, unwraps the gifted curse of disorders such as autism for all to appreciate. Since “it takes one to know one”, this cognitive confession offers a wealth of subtleties not usually found in the medical, educational or computer literature. For example, his quick calculations use types of grammar and syntax usually reserved for words. Many intricacies of mental talents are detailed from deeper perspectives including math, memory, languages, learning and arts. Biological and neurological conditions are reviewed for their roles in intelligence of new or notable cases. IQ is criticized for inadequate metrics. Better visualization of anatomical functioning is effective, e.g. early 80/20 ratio of frontal/parietal cortices usage discovered in chess grandmasters. The limitations of using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to replicate astonishing effects are described. Other trends are outlined in mental health treatment, gestural intelligence, cyborgs, and performance drugs, for example. If nothing else, expectations will likely change on the part of savants and society. Thanks. 

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