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Done 3.5 stars-
A woman, wakes up to find herself in a room, filled with smoke, she is covered in blood and there are three dead men on the floor, she has a gun and a note pinned to her shirt that
says 'RUN". She does and on her run she meets a man, who is not exactly like other men, he is a gargoyle, with a damaged soul. She does not remember anything before the moment she woke, but somebody is hunting her. These two lost people start a journey of death, fear, mystery and discovery.
More story based than romantic, the sex was earned not instant, the female was not an idiot, and the Gargoyle was hot, overall enjoyable. I still will not search out books by this author, she just doesn't excite my senses with her writing, but if one falls in my hands I'll probably read it someday.

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