Bulletin, Volume 10, Issues 49-52

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University of the State of New York, 1901
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Page 256 - ... which fashion I thinke came from hence into England. For their weapons, they have bowes and arrowes, some of them headed with bone, and some with brasse : I have sent you some of them for an example.
Page 420 - To the Regents of the University of the State of New York I have the honor to report herewith on the work of this department during the year commencing Oct.
Page 453 - Emmons' house, the four geologists being present and perhaps also Conrad. Ebenezer Emmons, Jr., was also there. We then decided to communicate again with the Rogerses and others for the end already suggested and to organize a Society of Geologists for this especial purpose. We wanted to compare our results with those of others and make up our nomenclature, and we had to do it soon, as we were required to publish. As a result of this unanimously expressed purpose a meeting was called for April. 1840,...
Page 253 - The Epoch of the Mammoth and the Apparition of Man upon the Earth, by James C.
Page 450 - EMMONS HOUSE MEMORIAL. The American Association for the Advancement of Science was organized in 1847. It was the organic descendant and enlarged outgrowth from the Association of American Geologists and Naturalists. The latter body was created in 1842 by the incorporation of the Naturalists within the Association of American Geologists. The Association of American Geologists is therefore to be looked upon as the legitimate organic ancestor of the American Association for the Advancement of Science....
Page 451 - It would undoubtedly be an advantage not only to science, but to the several surveys that are now in progress and that may in future be organized. It would tend to make known our scientific men to each other personally, give them more confidence in each other and cause them to concentrate their observations on those questions that are of interest either in a scientific or economical point of view. More questions may be satisfactorily settled in a day by oral discussion in such a body than in a year...
Page 528 - The above statements will indicate that up to the present time no systematic attempt has been made to...
Page 324 - Ta-yune-oo-wdh-es, throwing the bowl to each other as they take it in turn. In public playing two players are on their knees at a time, holding the bowl between them.
Page 325 - ... with the windy whisking of their hands to and fro; which action in that sport they much use, smiting themselves on the breast and thighs, crying out "hub, hub, hub, hub." They may be heard play at this game a quarter of a mile off.
Page 453 - ... that meeting the name was changed to that of Association of American Geologists and Naturalists. B. Statement dictated to John M. Clarke by Ebenezer Emmons, Jr., February, 1900. I was present at the meeting of the four geologists at my father's house, in 1838. I was then about 16 years old, and had assisted my father in his field work and making drawings and sketches. Mr. Conrad, the paleontologist, was also present. I recollect that the board of geologists then authorized Mr. Vanuxem to open...

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