Sewerage and Sewage Disposal: A Textbook

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McGraw-Hill Book Company, Incorporated, 1922 - Municipal engineering - 598 pages

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Page 523 - ... mud which the pavement conceals from you? All this is a flowering field, it is green grass, It Is mint and thyme and sage, it is game, it is cattle, it is the satisfied lowing of heavy kine...
Page 231 - Variation of more than \ in. per linear foot in align ment of a pipe intended to be straight. (g) Glaze which does not fully cover and protect all parts of the shell and ends except those exempted in Section 31; also glaze which is not equal to best salt glaze.
Page 16 - INTERMITTENT FILTER. A natural or artificial bed of sand or other fine-grained material to which sewage is intermittently applied in doses and through which it flows, opportunity being given for filtration and also oxidation of the organic matter by biochemical agencies.
Page 482 - ... that in mixed materials containing particles of various sizes the water is forced to go around the larger particles and through the finer portions which occupy the intervening spaces, so that it is the finest portion which mainly determines the character of the sand for filtration.
Page 439 - It is true that there is some evidence to the effect that rather better effluents can be obtained from contact beds of coke than from contact beds of clinker, but we think that this advantage is balanced by the tendency of the lighter material, coke, to shift slightly every time the bed is filled, and therefore to be more liable to disintegration.
Page 16 - ... in percentage of length, as a decimal, or as 1-ft. fall in a given length of feet. SLOT. A narrow opening. SLUDGE. The accumulated suspended solids of sewage deposited in tanks or basins, mixed with more or less water to form a semi-liquid mass. SLUDGE BED. Natural or artificial layers of porous material upon which sludge is dried by drainage and evaporation. SLUDGE CAKE. A mass resulting from sludge pressing or vacuum filtering. SLUDGE CHAMBER. See Sludge-digestion chamber.
Page 459 - ... possibly hold good for filters of fine material also. " In practice, however, these conditions can scarcely be maintained with large rates of flow, and we think that the greatest efficiency can be got out of a given quantity of fine material by arranging it in the form of a shallow filter rather than of a deep filter. But we are not in a position to make an exact quantitative statement as to the difference in efficiency of the two forms.
Page 523 - To employ the town in manuring the plain would be certain success, for if gold be dross, on the other hand our dross is gold. What is done with this golden dung ? it is swept into the gulf. We send at...
Page 15 - Tank is a two-story hydrolytic tank, consisting of an upper, or sedimentation chamber, with steeply sloping bottom, terminating in one or more slots through which the solids may slide as deposited into the lower or sludge digestion chamber — these slots being trapped so as to prevent the rise of gas and solids from the lower chamber — the lower chamber being provided with vents for the escape of the gases, the tank being so constructed as to facilitate the passage of the sewage quickly through...
Page 479 - Percolating filters are better adapted to variations of flow than contact beds. Effluents from percolating filters are usually much better aerated than effluents from contact beds, and, apart from suspended solids, are of a more uniform character. On emptying a contact bed, the first flush is usually much more impure than the average effluent from the bed. The risk of nuisance from smell is greater with percolating filters than with contact beds.

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