Vlrichi Hvtteni eqvitis germani opera qv reperiri potvervnt omnia, Volume 2

Front Cover
in dibvs Tevbnerianis, 1859

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Page 379 - ... by the meane of a simple* person, an Almaign namyng hymselfe servaunt un to the Kinges Grace, and afferming un to Murner, that the King had gevyn hym in charge to desyre Murner to cum over to hym in to England, and by occasion ther of he is cummen over and has now bene here a good while. Wher fore the Kinges Grace, pitiyng that he was so deceived, and having tendre respecte to the goode zele that he bereth toward the feith, and his good hart and mynd toward His Highnes, requyreth Your Grace that...
Page 379 - ... of Murner's visit to this country better than any other mode of narrating it. Cardinal Wolsey was then staying at Easthampstead. The spelling, which is quite intelligible enough, has been left in its original state, to give the reader an idea of the unsettled condition of English at that time. " It may ferther lyke Your Good Grace to be advertised that one Thomas Murner, a Frere of Saynt Francisce, which wrote a booke against Luther in defence of the Kinges boke, was out of Almaigne sent into...
Page 379 - Grace, pitiyng that he was fo deceived and having tendre refpecte to the goode zele that he bereth toward the feith, and his good hart and mynd toward His Highnes, requyreth Your Grace that it may lyke you to caufe hym have in reward one hundred pownde, and that he may retourn home, wher his prefence is very necefsary; for he is one of the chiefe ftays agaynft the faction of Luther in that parties, agaynft whom he hath wrytten many bokis in the Almayng tong; and now, fith his cumming hither, he hath...
Page 459 - ... raro eras in templo, raro in schola, quin in cera annotares belle et lepide et festive dicta, quaedam ridicule detorta, quibus crescere posset opus pulcherrimum et posteritati profuturum etc.
Page 270 - Vides igilur, lector,^ quam hie nihil a me commission vel inciviliter vel superbe vel parum amice vel ex mala conscientia. Nunc mihi finge aliquid admissum...
Page 407 - Mogunlinum epislola, supprcsso ipsius nomine, refero; de altera perfidia qua fuerat usus in me, laceo: extorserat , ut mulls epistolis meis commcndaretur in aula Сазsaris, cun iam conjurasse! adversus Cxsarem, tanlum volens abuli (l;esaris noCCCLXHII. 1 = fiuticre Briefe ven U
Page 285 - Utrus dico humanissime scriptas. f> miram ariu>atinnem! •Vr/ iata scribis inquit 'in invidiam Lutheri'. imo in hoc scripsi, ut ostenderem esse...
Page 23 - Quod in cursu est forsitan .</•. sisletis, quod futiiruiii |mevenietis, quod factum vero infectuni non reddetis: fieri enim non potest ut cum vita simul auferatis vitae ineiiiuriain.

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