Description and Rules for the Management of the U.S. Magazine Rifle Model of 1903, Caliber .30 ...: March 3, 1904. Revised April 18, 1906. Revised February 14, 1908

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1908 - Rifles - 64 pages
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Page 28 - This rotation causes the cocking cam of the bolt to force the firing pin to the rear, drawing the point of the striker into the bolt, rotation of the firing pin being prevented by the lug on the cocking piece projecting, through the slot in the sleeve, into its groove in the receiver. As the sleeve remains longitudinally stationary with reference...
Page 38 - ... rags. All parts after cleaning should be wiped with an oiled rag. The best method of applying oil is to rub with a piece of cotton cloth upon which a few drops of oil have been placed, thereby avoiding the use of an unnecessary amount of oil; this method will, even in the absence of the oiler, serve for the cams and bearings, which should be kept continually oiled.
Page 34 - To assemble bolt mechanism, grasp with the left hand the rear of the bolt, handle up, and turn the extractor collar with the thumb and forefinger of the right hand until its lug is on...
Page 28 - ... notch of the cocking piece has passed the sear nose, the cocking piece nose has entered the cock notch in the rear end of the bolt, the sleeve lock has engaged its notch in the bolt, and the mainspring has been almost entirely compressed. During the rotation of the bolt a rear motion has been imparted to it by its extracting cam coming in contact with the extracting cam of the receiver, so that the cartridge case will be started from the chamber. The bolt is then drawn directly to the rear, the...
Page 24 - The oil is only for the lubrication of the working parts. The cap is also provided with a leather washer to prevent leakage. The cap on the thong section has a leather pad on its outer surface, which prevents the noise that would result from the oiler striking the butt plate cap. The oiler should always be inserted in the stock so that the leather-tipped cap will be next to the butt plate cap. The...
Page 31 - To charge the magazine, see that the cut-off is turned up showing " on," draw the bolt fully to the rear, insert the cartridges from a clip, or from the hand, and close the bolt. To charge the magazine from a clip, place either end of a loaded clip in its seat in the receiver and, with the thumb of the right hand, press the cartridges down into the magazine until the top cartridge is caught by the right edge of the receiver. The...
Page 27 - The bolt moves backward and forward and rotates in the well of the receiver; it carries a cartridge, either from the magazine, or one placed by hand in front of it, into the chamber and supports its head when fired. The sleeve unites the parts of the bolt mechanism, and its rotation with the bolt is prevented by the lugs on its sides coming in contact with the receiver. The hook of the extractor engages in the groove of the cartridge case and retains the head of the latter in the countersink of the...
Page 33 - Hold bolt in left hand, press sleeve lock in with thumb of right hand to unlock sleeve from bolt, and unscrew sleeve by turning to the left.
Page 37 - If, however, a cleaning rod is not at hand, the barrel should be cleaned as thoroughly as possible by means of the thong brush and rags, and oiled as above. To clean or oil the bore with rags, the thong brush is unscrewed, the rag placed in the rag slot of the thong tip and drawn from the muzzle toward the breech.
Page 34 - Hold the cocking piece between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand, and by pressing the striker point against some substance, not hard enough to injure it. force the cocking piece back until the safety lock can be turned to the vertical position with the right hand; insert the firing pin in the bolt and screw up the sleeve (by turning it to the right) until the sleeve lock enters its notch on the bolt.

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