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Its an amazing story! I finished reading it in 3 days. Reading it makes me feel like crying because Lemony Snicket is actually describing the pain and trouble of the three orphans. There should be a movie for this! ^-^

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This book was truely amazing! and it shows that good always overules bad!

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I've read all ten now, just finished the tenth one actually, and I amd in love! Theres mystery, theres comedy (The part where Quigley says to carmelita "DON'T GO, you can't be a
xylophone!" made me laugh so hard) Drama! I actually cried with happiness when Quigley revieled who he was! Chills went up my spine! AHHHH SO GOOD! Make sure to have more people read this!!! They say aged 10 and up, but if you were above the age and read it to a younger child, and every now and then explained whats happeneing, they could read it! 

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I just loved this book by Lemony Snicket. Once again, this book tells about how the Baudlaires have many, many miserable times. This book is mainly about how the Baudlaires get seperated from their baby sister, Sunny. Count Olaf tortures her by making her cook, clean, and many other things. There is a slippery slope nearby, and Violet and Klaus meet up with the last triplet of the Quagmires, Quigley. Quigley has drawn a map of the Mortamain Mountains, and is planning on taking the Baudlaires to their sister. THey go through the VFD headquarters to notice that it is already burned down and that Olaf has taken the Snicket File! READ THE BOOK!!! :)  

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The series and this book is really good

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