The Earliest Complete English Prose Psalter: Together with Eleven Canticles and a Translation of the Athanasian Creed, Issue 97

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Karl Daniel Bülbring
Early English Text Society, 1891 - Athanasian Creed - 196 pages

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Page 6 - version by Jean Gallopes, from Mr. Henry Hucks Gibbs's MS., Mr. Gibbs having generously promist to pay the extra cost of printing the French text, and engraving one or two of the illuminations in his MS. Guillaume de Deguilleville, monk of the Cistercian abbey of Chaalis, in the diocese of Senlis, wrote his first verse
Page 6 - and the Laud Collection in the Bodleian, no. 740. A copy in the Northern dialect is MS. G. 21, in St. John's Coll., Cambridge, and this is the MS. which will be edited by Mr. Sidney J. Herrtage for the EE Text Society. The Laud MS. 740 was somewhat condensi and modernised, in the 17th
Page 6 - into MS. Ff. 6. 30, in the Cambridge University Library: 3 "The Pilgrime or the Pilgrimage of Man in this World," copied by Will. Baspoole, whose copy "was verbatim written by Walter Parker, 1645, and from thence transcribed by GG 1649 ; and from thence by WA 1655. ' This last copy may have been read by, or
Page 7 - are always wanted, and that the Committee can at any time, on short notice, send to press an additional Thousand Pounds' worth of work. The Subscribers to the Original Series must be prepared for the issue of the whole of tho Early English Lives of Saints,
Page 6 - de l'Homme in 1330-1 when he was 36. J Twenty-five (or six) years after, in 1355, he revised his poem, and issued a second version of it, and this is the only one that has been printed. Of the prose representative of the first version, 1330
Page 7 - ABG or Prayer to the Virgin, of which the successive stanzas start with A, B, C, and run all thro' the alphabet ; and it has 2 gaps, of which most of the second can be fild up from the end of the other imperfect MS. Cotton, Tiberius A vii. The rest of the stopgaps must be got
Page 7 - at Hatfield, Cambridge (Univ. Kk. 1. 7, Caius), Oxford (Univ. Coll. and Corpus), and in Caxton's edition of 1483. This version has 'somewhat of addicions'as Caxton says, and some shortenings too, as the maker of both, the first translator, tells us in the MSS. Caxton leaves out the earlier englisher's interesting Epilog in the Egerton MS. This prose Englishing of the
Page 7 - seas is one of the most welcome results of the Society's efforts. Among the MSS. and old books which need copying or re-editing, are :— ORIGINAL SERIES. EXTRA SERIES. Maumetrie, from Lord Tollemache's MS. Erie of Tolous.
Page 5 - Metrical Lives of Saints, MS. Cott. Jul. E 7, Part IV, ed. Prof. Skeat, Litt.D., LL.D. All the Anglo-Saxon Homilies and Lives of Saints not accessible in English editions, including those of the The Anglo-Saxon Psalms ; all the MSS. in Parallel
Page 7 - Gallopes's French opposite it, from Mr. Gibbs's MS., as his gift to the Society. Of the Pilgrimage of Jesus, no englishing is known. As to the MS. Anglo-Saxon Psalters, Dr. Hy. Sweet has edited the oldest MS., the Vespasian, in

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