Basic Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

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Cengage Learning, Jan 26, 2010 - Psychology - 504 pages
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BASIC STATISTICS FOR THE BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES demystifies and fully explains statistics without leaving out relevant topics or simply presenting formulas, in a format that is non-threatening and inviting to students. The author’s clear, patiently crafted explanations, with an occasional touch of humor, teach students not only how to compute an answer, but also why they should perform the procedure or what their answer reveals about the data. The book achieves several objectives: it presents a conceptual-intuitive approach, presents statistics within an understandable research context, deals directly and positively with student weaknesses in mathematics, and introduces new terms and concepts in an integrated way. The result is a text that students can learn from as well as enjoy.
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I have a feeling that the gentleman or woman who wrote the previous review must have awoken on the wrong side of the bed the morning they decided to send in their opinion.
I am here to refute what
they have said. With all due respect, I was not looking forward to entering a statistics course while attempting to juggle four other upper division units in the same semester. I was deathly afraid of what this course would entail and whether I would have enough time to try to teach myself statistics (Lectures don't work well for me). I can truly say that the fact that this text was chosen was a blessing. The author Gary has done an absolutely fantastic job in taking a subject that instills fear in many and crafting it into a form of "statistical" art that is so graspable that it's almost hard to believe you really are learning statistics! He creates images and scenarios that help the reader envision graphs and other diagrams, he throws in more than enough tips and tools that help you remember definitions or formulas etc, and best of all he has a remarkable ability, a true talent, of breaking material down to the point where it is so easy to understand and conceptualize it would be a shame to walk away without learning something after reading. Unlike most required texts, I actually found myself looking forward to reading this book. It is 1000% harmless and UN-intimidating, and 1000% effective. This guy has definite knack for teaching. This is the first time I have ever taken time out to write a review of a school textbook, but it was done to commend Gary for his outstanding work writing this book, and also to let anyone know who read the other review that..... they were wrong.


Introduction to Statistics
Statistics and the Research Process
Frequency Distributions and Percentiles
Measures of Central Tendency The Mean Median and Mode
Measures of Variability Range Variance and Standard Deviation
zScores and the Normal Curve Model
The Correlation Coefficient
Linear Regression
The TwoSample tTEST
The OneWay Analysis of Variance
The TwoWay Analysis of Variance
Chi Square and Other Nonparametric Procedures
Additional Statistical Formulas
Using SPSS
Statistical Tables
Answers to OddNumbered Questions

Using Probability to Make Decisions about Data
Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
Performing the OneSample tTest and Testing Correlation Coefficients

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Gary Heiman is a professor at Buffalo State College. Praised by reviewers and adopters for his readable prose and effective pedagogical skills, he has written four books for Houghton Mifflin (now Cengage Learning): STATISTICS FOR THE BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES, RESEARCH METHODS IN PSYCHOLOGY, UNDERSTANDING RESEARCH METHODS AND STATISTICS, AND ESSENTIAL STATISTICS FOR THE BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES. He received his Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from Bowling Green State University.

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