Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 56

Front Cover
Leslie Stephen
Macmillan, 1898 - Great Britain

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Page 18 - Viscount Palmerston hopes to be able to overcome his objections, but, if that should prove impossible, however great the loss to the Government by the retirement of Mr. Gladstone, it would be better to lose Mr. Gladstone than to run the risk of losing Portsmouth or Plymouth.
Page 14 - Having once given her sanction to a measure, that it be not arbitrarily altered or modified by the Minister; such an act she must consider as failing in sincerity towards the Crown, and justly to be visited by the exercise of her Constitutional right of dismissing...
Page 88 - I will. retire, and take my place with my pen and ink at my desk, and leave to Mr. Cardwell a business which I am sure he understands better than I do.
Page 4 - ... when he was made a Knight Commander of St. Michael and St. George, in 1879, his temperance friends embraced the first opportunity on his return to St.
Page 4 - TREATISE ON ROADS; Wherein the Principles on which Roads should be made are explained and illustrated by the Plans, Specifications, and Contracts made use of by Thomas Telford, Esq. on the Holy-head Road.
Page 81 - This lawyer's preparatory education is certainly one of the most cold-blooded, prejudiced pieces of invention that ever a man was slave to.
Page 10 - I know you to be the master of, convey to him in the most friendly and unoffensive manner possible, that if France throws down the gauntlet we shall not refuse to pick it up; and that if she begins a war, she will to a certainty lose her ships, colonies and commerce before she sees the end of it; that her army of Algiers will cease to give her anxiety, and that Mehemet Ali will just be chucked into the Nile.
Page 17 - Depend upon it, that the best way of keeping any men quiet is to let them see that you are able and determined to repel force by force ; and the Chinese are not in the least different in this respect from the rest of mankind.
Page 196 - ... without its penal consequences. Rumford always congratulated himself on having brought forward two such celebrated men as the Bavarian general Wieden, who was originally a lawyer or land steward, and Sir Humphry Davy. The German, French, Spanish, and Italian languages were as familiar to the Count as English. He played billiards against himself; he was fond of chess, which however made his feet like ice and his head like fire. The designs of his...
Page 80 - The Snob: a Literary and Scientific Journal," NOT " conducted by members of the University,

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