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The Department, 1898
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Page 612 - That whenever a medal, cross, bar, ribbon, rosette, or other device presented under the provisions of this act shall have been lost, destroyed, or rendered unfit for use, without fault or neglect on the part of the person to whom it was awarded, such medal, cross, bar, ribbon, rosette, or device shall be replaced without charge therefor.
Page 405 - An Act making appropriations for the construction, repair, and preservation of certain public works on rivers and harbors and for other purposes...
Page 400 - For fuel, lights, oil, waste, packing, tools, matches, paints, brushes, brooms, lanterns, rope, nails, screws, lead, electric lights, heating apparatus, oil stoves for elevator car and upper and lower floors, repairs to engines, boilers, dynamos...
Page 408 - SECTION 21. And be it further enacted, That, in order to avoid misconstruction, it is hereby declared to be the true intent and meaning of this act, so far as the question of slavery is concerned, to carry into practical operation the following propositions and principles, established by the compromise measures of 1850, to wit:
Page 490 - A check previously drawn by him and not presented for payment within four months of its date will not be paid until its correctness shall have been attested by the Comptroller of the Treasury or by his chief clerk.
Page lxv - Government, the most effective guns, small arms, cartridges, projectiles, fuses, explosives, torpedoes, armor plates, and other implements and engines of war, and to purchase or cause to be manufactured, under authority of the Secretary of War, such guns, carriages, armor plates, and other war...
Page 621 - Being at right shoulder arms: 1. Rifle, 2. SALUTE. Carry the left hand smartly to the small of the stock, forearm...
Page liii - ... extract, bitters, preparation, compound, composition, or any article whatsoever, under any name, label, or brand, which produces intoxication, to any Indian to whom allotment of land has been made while the title to the same shall...
Page 488 - States. In places, however, where there is no Treasurer or assistant treasurer, the Secretary of the Treasury may, when he deems it essential to the public interest, specially authorize in writing the deposit of such public money in any other public depository, or, in writing, authorize the same to be kept in any other manner, and under such rules and regulations as he may deem most safe and effectual to facilitate the payments to public creditors.
Page xli - Department at the several posts and stations and with the armies in the field, and for the horses of the several regiments of cavalry, the batteries of artillery, and such companies of infantry and scouts as may be mounted, and for the authorized number of officers...

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