queens county in olden times:

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Page 20 - CouncilChamber at Whitehall, within the City of Westminster, upon the Fourth day of July next ensuing the date hereof; Then and there to take upon you the said Trust : unto which you are hereby called, and appointed to serve as a Member for the County of . And hereof you are not to fail. Given under my hand and seal the 6th day of June, 1653. OLIVER CROMWELL.* SPEECH FIRST. A HUNDRED-AND-FORTY of these Summonses were issued ; and of all the Parties so summoned, ' only two
Page 52 - Spanish admiral, took of setting fire to the ships, in order to prevent their falling into the hands of the enemy. It was computed that the loss which the Spaniards sustained in this enterprise amounted to twenty millions of ducats...
Page 82 - Norwieh, all the right and .title of the people of the State of New York to the lands...
Page 16 - Mr. Urquhart is well chosen for the people of Jamaica, and indeed I think none fitter than the Scotch Episcopal to deal with Whigs and Fanaticks of all sorts. Had not Stuttart been allowed to preach he had brought them all to the Church almost by this time ; but now they resort most to a barn that is hard by, and will not pay Mr. Urquhart what is allowed by Law, though my Lord Cornbury has given his orders for it.
Page 15 - Long-Island in the Afternoon, where was such a Multitude of People, that the Church could not hold them, so that many stood without at the Doors and Windows to hear ; who were generally well affected, and greatly desired that a Church of England Minister should be settled among them ; which has been done, for the Reverend Mr.
Page 20 - The next day, being St. George's Day, the regiment of militia and troop being drawn up on either side, from Mr. Jenney's house to the church, His Excellency, attended by the most considerable gentlemen of the country, walked to the church, where a very excellent sermon was preached on the occasion, before a most crowded audience, by the Rev. Mr. Jenney, from Psalm 84: 1,2: 'How amiable are thy tabernacles...
Page 14 - Long-Island^) well affected to the Church of England. After some time of silence, I began to speak, standing up in the Gallery, where their Speakers use to stand when they speak; but I was so much interrupted by the Clamour and Noise, that several of the Quakers made, forbidding me to speak, that I could not proceed.
Page 15 - Bom. 6. 17, 18. in the Forenoon, and Mr. Talbot in the Afternoon. My Lord Cornbury, Governour of New-York and the Jerseys, was very kind to us, and at his Invitation, we did eat at his Table both Sundays and other Times.
Page 50 - Bedle, lame, a disaffected person. Nathan Smith, received powder from the Asia, absconded in the woods and appears to know much of the scheme. Townsend Weeks, a dammed rascal and the greatest tory. William McConn, Thos. Fleet, Peter Wheeler, Samuel Townshend and John Fleet, declared they would sooner fight for the king than the Congress, and totally deny the authority of that body. James Cogswell, a gun stealer, or informer from Newport. Henry Durlaud, said Washington was more concerned in the conspiracy...
Page 15 - Cole, and his Wife, and his three Children. There had scarce been any Profession of the Christian Religion among the People of that Town ; they had scarce any Notion of Religion but Quakerism : The Quakers had formerly a Meeting there, but many of them who lived in that Town, became Followers of Thomas Chase (not the Thomas Chase of Hampton in New-England abovementioned) and were called, Chase's Crew...

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