Von Ziemssen's Handbook of general therapeutics, Volume 5

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Smith, Elder, 1886 - Therapeutics
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p. 26-27 Kreussler founding Jena's School of fencing in 1620; fencing described as the first systematized form of gymnastics-a good point;

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Page 32 - Ce n'est pas une âme, ce n'est pas un corps qu'on dresse, c'est un homme ; il n'en faut pas faire à deux.
Page 350 - Nature alone can cure; this is the highest law of practical medicine, and the one to which we must adhere. . . . Nature creates and maintains; she must therefore be able to cure.
Page 19 - Neque dubitari potest, quin latius quidem, 30 et dilucidius, ubi et quomodo frictione utendum esset, Aselepiades praeceperit; nihil tamen repererit, quod non a vetustissimo auctore Hippocrate (De offic. med. §. 17) paucis verbis comprehensum sit: qui dixit, 'frictione, si vehemens sit, durari corpus; si lenis, molliri; si multa, minui; si mo5 dica, implen'.
Page 6 - THERAPEUTIC MANIPULATION; or, Medicina Mechanica. A Successful Treatment of various disorders of the Human Body by Mechanical Application. By IGI DE BETOU, Medical Practitioner in Therapeutic Manipulation.
Page 420 - ... or gives off heat, thereby keeping up the normal temperature. If a higher temperature than the blood is brought in contact with the surface of the body, the cutaneous vessels become dilated, the circulation in the skin accelerated, the secretions of the cutaneous surface increased. This stimulation is constant and far reaching, for the reason that an influence will be gained by means of this constant stimulant over more complex organic functions, which in hasty and rapid experiments are lost...
Page 55 - Constant muscular contraction produces interstitial absorption of the head and neck of the femur, and of the acetabulum...
Page 259 - Hernie inguinale constituée par la plus grande partie de la masse intestinale; taxis et compression progressifs, périodiquement répétés pendant quatre mois ; réduction et guérison.
Page xiii - Translator fears he has now and again offended against the laws of idiom slightly ; but this he hopes will be excused him, as that can hardly be considered a translation which will be practically a rewritten work if elaborate syntax is to be the fixed rule without departure.
Page 40 - In the compound movements an alternate influence is exerted by both patient and gymnast, for either the patient performs a movement to which the gymnast opposes an equal resistance, in such a manner...
Page 381 - by means of hydrotherapy to heighten innervation, to lower, abolish or alter it ; and this at the point of application, in the central organs and by reflexion in the most varied motor and vasomotor tracts.