Scientific Romances: 2d. ser

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S. Sonnenschein, 1896 - Fourth dimension - 177 pages
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Page 9 - Mysterium cosmographicum de admirabili proportione orbium coalestium : deque causis coclorum numcri, magnitudinis, motuumque periodicorum genuinis et propriis, demonstratum per quinque regularia corpora Geometrica.
Page 40 - If we want to pass on and on till magnitude and dimensions disappear, is it not done for us already? That reality, where magnitudes and dimensions are not, is simple and about us. For passing thus on and on we lose ourselves, but find the clue again in the apprehension of the simplest acts of human goodness, in the most rudimentary recognition of another human soul wherein is neither magnitude nor dimension, and yet all is real.
Page 41 - ... had been everywhere and was incredibly smart. When the war came she would go home by way of Gdynia. I must see that I'd be leaving on the same boat, Dunya said. She was quite sure her friend and I would hit it off well. In fact, she seemed to be sure her friend and I were really made for each other. She did not say so in so many words, but that was the idea and I was quick to resent it. It is an odd thing about men's reactions. I had always thought of Dunya as a pastime, something to chase the...
Page 33 - And yet, looking at the same printed papers, being curious, and looking deeper and deeper into them with a microscope, I have seen that in splodgy ink stroke and dull fibrous texture, each part was definite, exact, absolutely so far and no farther, punctiliously correct ; and deeper and deeper lying a wealth of form, a rich variety and amplitude of shapes, that in a moment leapt higher than my wildest dreams could conceive.
Page 44 - ... passing, as in every science, from the details to the whole. And the connecting link between materialism and the conduct of life, lies in the doctrine of the limited nature of our present space perceptions.
Page 110 - I should owe to any man who would rid me of what I learned at college — that plastering over of the face of nature, that series of tricks and devices whereby they teach a man knowing nothing of reality to talk of it as...
Page 30 - If you feel eternity you will know that you are never separated from any one with whom you have ever been. You come to a different part of yourself each day, and think the part that is separated in time is gone. But in eternity it is always there.
Page 38 - And when we look quietly at space, she shows us at once that she has infinite dimensions. And yet, both in magnitudes and dimensions there is something artificial.
Page 30 - If you felt it you would know that you are always living in your whole life, that it is always changing, though with your eyes you can only see the part you are in now.

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