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Page 62 - For compression members, these permissible strains of 15,000 and 17,000 pounds per square inch shall be reduced in proportion to the ratio of the length to the least radius of gyration of the section by the following formulae: For soft steel, p = — 17,000 For medium steel, p=~ ~ji — ; - 5 11,000...
Page 38 - Wherever eye-bars are to be packed more than % of an inch to the foot of their length out of parallel with the axis of the structure, they must be bent with a gentle curve until the head stands at right angles to the pin in their intended positions before being bored.
Page 37 - All wrought iron must be tough, fibrous, uniform in quality throughout, free from flaws, blisters, and injurious cracks, and must have a workmanlike finish. It must be capable of sustaining an ultimate stress of...
Page 38 - All rivet iron must be tough and soft, and pieces of the full diameter of the rivet must be capable of bending cold until the sides are in close contact, without sign of fracture on the convex side of the curve.
Page 35 - ... generally not farther apart than the depth of the full web plate, with a maximum limit of 5 feet.
Page 38 - Rivet holes must be carefully spaced and punched, and must in all cases be reamed to fit where they do not come truly and accurately opposite, without the aid of drift pins. Rivets must completely fill the holes and have full heads, and be countersunk when so required and machine-driven wherever possible.
Page 41 - That it act well, and do the things it was intended to do in the best way. 2. That it speak well, and say the things it was intended to say in the best words. 3. That it look well, and please us by its presence, whatever it has to do or say.1 n.
Page 38 - All workmanship must be first class ; all abutting surfaces must be planed or turned, so as to insure even bearing, taking light cuts so as not to injure the end fibres of the piece, and must be protected by white lead and tallow. Pieces where abutting...
Page 39 - In the case of sub-contractors, the specifications are fully binding on them in every respect, and free access and information is to be given by them for thorough inspection of material and workmanship, and all required test pieces, etc., properly shaped, are to be provided as may be requested without charge. All shipments of material not properly inspected are at the risk of the contractor.
Page 38 - ... tested. The hammering must be only on the extremities of the specimens, and never where the flexion is taking place. The bending must stop when the first crack appears. All tension tests are to be made on a standard test piece of one and...

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