The Gardeners' Chronicle: A Weekly Illustrated Journal of Horticulture and Allied Subjects

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Gardeners Chronicle, 1908 - Horticulture
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Page 5 - GARDENS. (1) Planting of standard or other fruit trees permanently set out. (2) Planting of fruit bushes permanently set out. (3) Planting of strawberry plants. (4) Planting of asparagus, rhubarb, and other vegetable crops which continue productive for two or more years.
Page 125 - ... to him that hath shall be given, and from him that hath not, shall be taken away even that which he hath?
Page 5 - ... (a) For crops, including fruit, growing upon the holding in the ordinary course of cultivation, and for fruit trees and fruit bushes growing thereon, which have been planted by the tenant with the previous consent in writing of the landlord.
Page 81 - It seems to me that care for the watersupply of the country, coming as it does from the air that knows no bounds across the land, is by no means a parochial, but in the fullest sense a national matter, and should be dealt with in the interests of the nation as a whole ; the units of subdivision, when such are required, being the natural units of river-basins.
Page 219 - ... century, previous to which period, the only manna obtained was that which exuded spontaneously. 4. That although the existence in Sicily of a mountain called by the Arabic name Gibil-manna would seem to indicate that manna was collected during the period of Mussulman rule in that island (AD 827 to AD 1070), evidence has not been produced to prove the fact; but that, on the contrary, it appears that manna was gathered in Calabria long anterior to its collection in Sicily.
Page 183 - ... used only as a canal or towing-path for the same, or as a railway constructed under the powers of any act of parliament for public conveyance, shall be assessed in respect of the same in the proportion of one-fourth part only of such net annual value thereof...
Page 183 - Piper for the purpose of growing tomatoes, cucumbers, and grapes, and to a smaller extent other vegetables, for the purpose of sale. The plants and crops grown therein were watered and heated by artificial means, and grown upon soil placed upon prepared beds inside the houses, and matured much earlier than in the open ground.
Page 81 - The growing populations of the great towns are tapping the upper streams and diverting the water from its natural channels, and at the same time they are polluting the lower courses with the waste of the factories and the streets. Toll is taken all along the banks of industrial streams of water for raising steam and carrying on the multitudinous processes of manufacture. There is sometimes anxiety as to whether the waterways can be kept sufficiently supplied to float the water-borne traffic, or to...
Page 81 - ... and in the mountain valleys which cross the track of the prevailing wind in much greater abundance than on level and low stretches of country. Most of the rain is borne to our islands from the Atlantic, and when it comes torrentially...
Page 216 - PAPER, sent as early in the week as possible, and duly signed by the writer. If desired , the signature will not be printed, but kept as a guarantee of good faith. Special Notice to Correspondents.— The Editor does not undertake to pay for any contributions or illustrations, or to return unused communications or illustrations, unless by special arrangement. The Editor don not hold himsel/ responsible for any opinions expressed by his correspondents, Illustrations.

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