The Money Captain

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Literature House, 1898 - Fiction - 323 pages
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Page 292 - Now that's right," he exclaims, as another assailant appears ; "make it unanimous. Let all hands come and right the ship on old Simp. Tell him your troubles and ask him to help you out. He ain't got nothing better to do. Pitch into him ; give him hell ; he likes it. Come one, come all — all you moth-eaten, lousy stiffs from Stiffville. Come tell Simp there's a reporter rubberin' around and you're scared to death.
Page 322 - ... woman. The sudden substitution of her graceful and gracious figure for the swart and iron figure of the duke was like an apt transformation scene, prophetic of the future." These earlier books are mere preliminary sketches — first studies in economic backgrounds, hesitating between admiration and censure — satisfied to exploit the "human interest" in the dour figure of the money-grabber.
Page 291 - You come chasin' yourselves down here scared out your wits because a dinky little one-cent newspaper's makin' faces at you. A man'd think you was a young lady's Bible class and 'd seen a mouse. . . . Now that's right," he exclaims, as another assailant appears; "make it unanimous.
Page 323 - expunged from his fortune that color of greedy vulgarity and left its gold untarnished." Dexter, for all his success, was a figure in the common democratic foreground of business; he was intimately and solely of the great everyday warp and woof of toil. He bore all his fruit at once — when he died.
Page 272 - absorbed in a great, intricate coil of business which he seemed to spin continually." Once he had thought that he would retire upon accumulating $100,000 and live peacefully in the country. "Why didn't you?" Midstrom asked.... "I couldn't," he replied simply.... "A hundred thousand dollars, made as I*ve made my money and as most men make their money, means a hundred thousand new ties, a hundred thousand new things to do. so it goes, piling up. The more money I make, the tighter I'm tied up.
Page 217 - Only a shadow, merely a passing, personified figment of the vast stirrings of industry and accumulation of wealth that came out of the new country's rich soil, as though all the wheat and corn could be heaped into a huge mound for a moment after harvest, before it flowed away In the thousand channels of demand.
Page 273 - I'd be well satisfied so far as mere money goes to be guaranteed for myself and my heirs one percent of that amount clear and free. . . . But you want your ideas to win. You want your plans carried out. You think you see opportunities that other people overlook and you want to seize them and show that you were right."10 The city compelled material expansiveness and acquisitiveness, the expression of personality by accretion of the very material goods which, in Emerson's eyes, had been its chief enemy....
Page 114 - Dexter the Buccaneer." In his editorial, Leggett ....made a comparison between the state of the old and the new type of buccaneer, and it praised Dexter in barbed terms for having found a way to reap all the material advantages of buccaneering without suffering any of the dangers and disadvantages.... Kidd and Morgan, would expire of chagrin if they could be resuscitated to witness the vastly superior methods of the modern buccaneer.
Page 231 - I stopped to study the crotchets of every impractical addle-pate that bobs up? What did Leggett ever do? What did the rest of these hand-made prophets ever do? If they don't like the way I run this Gas concern, let them build up another one and see how much better they can do with it. ' ' "The critics always say that's no argument," Nidstrom replied, smiling, but stubborn — partly because of that wait in the bedroom.
Page 273 - It's like a man with a great idea in his head. It don't amount to anything unless he can work it out, make it practicable, set it going, and when he does that he's got to give a million dollars to other people for every thousand that he can keep for himself — yes, more than that.

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