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Page 11 - fighter in the cause of science. Even if the sand-storms of the Babylonian plains should efface his solitary grave, what matters it? His bones rest in classic soil, where the cradle of the race once stood, and the history of Assyriology will not omit his name from its pages. The
Page 10 - On the whole, I am much inclined to question whether extensive excavations carried on at Niffer would produce any very important or interesting results
Page 53 - that time he straightened his path from the lower sea of the Tigris and Euphrates to the upper sea and granted him the dominion of everything (?) from the
Page 53 - (power) (and) subdued (the country) from the rise of the sun to the setting of the sun — at that time he straightened his path from the lower sea of the Tigris and
Page 9 - the manifold character of these documents—syllabaries, letters, chronological lists, historical fragments, astronomical and religious texts, building inscriptions, votive tablets, inventories, tax lists, plans of estates, contracts, etc.
Page 21 - dark gray in color, firm in texture and of regular form. In quality they are unsurpassed by the work of any later king, constituting by far the most solid and tenacious mass of unbaked
Page 53 - lord of the lands, invested Lugalzaggisi with the kingdom of the world and granted him success before the world, when he filled the
Page 24 - to date the founding of the temple of Bel and the first settlements in Nippur somewhere between 6000 and 7000 BC,
Page 26 - probably from the unequal pressure of the settling mass above it, which had been drenched with rain water.
Page 10 - yet during all these wearisome hours to fulfill the duties of three ordinary men. Truly a splendid victory, achieved at innumerable sacrifices and under a burden of labors enough for a giant, in the full significance of the word, a

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