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John Demarco nails it in this book... This book is life changing. It’s like a manual for life and behavior. The book can be applied to everyday life and many different situations. Whether it be a relationship issue, work related, family, friendships, etc . It is helpful in all aspects of your life. The book teaches you to learn about yourself, your behavior. It instructs you how to rewire your brain so that you don’t make mistakes under emotional duress. It gives you all the necessary tools you need in life to become a healthier, happier you. John Demarco is truly a genius in this book. I believe every person of all ages should read this book. It should be read by everyone because ever single person can benefit from these lessons. I give the book a 5+ star rating. I was extremely impressed and can't emphasis enough on how this book has changed me for the better! Thank you for your brilliance John Demarco!...Lisa C 

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