Multiple Sclerosis: A Comprehensive Text

Cedric S. Raine, Henry F. McFarland, Reinhard Hohlfeld
Saunders/Elsevier, 2008 - 474 pages
Multiple sclerosis has rapidly changed over the last decade into a condition necessitating a multi-disciplinary approach to both its management and understanding. This book reflects all these advances including contributions from genetics, immunology and molecular biology. The many new drugs, both approved or in advanced stages of clinical trials, which give cause for optimism for the treatment of the disease, are described. This new comprehensive work has both editors and contributors that bring together basic science researchers and clinicians from Europe and the USA.

  • A comprehensive reference on multiple sclerosis covering diagnosis, treatment and scientific background.
  • Coverage of emergent drugs which are not in other books, eg Antegrin, as well as current frontline drugs.
  • International group of contributors which includes leading researchers in the field from USA, Switzerland, France, UK and Germany.
  • Based on cutting edge research but stresses the practical issues of diagnosis and treatment needed by neurologists.
  • Comprehensive coverage of primary treatment of the disease process itself and symptomatic therapies, sexual and bladder dysfunction and rehabilitation.

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