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This is a timely book and recounts some of the latest political events and social upheaval that has occurred during the past ten years and how it has shaped Pakistan and importantly, Afghanistan. The title is a bit off-putting since it seems a bit proprietary but overall, the book is a highly engaging and thoughtful summary of Pakistan's future amidst an untenable situation. A Pakistani journalist, Rashid is able to write clearly and eloquently about events that have transpired since the time of the Iraq war and its fallout. The book starts out with a highly provocative and revealing testimony of the American operation in northwest Pakistan that ultimately led to the assassination of Osama bin Laden who was residing in Pakistan and the turbulence that it caused and how it impacted a region that is highly volatile and divisive and politically subversive. It is eye-opening book that is able to make sense of the killings, uprisings, assassinations, coups and changes of leadership that have occurred in Pakistan and Afghanistan and its impact on American forces and Pakistani and Afghan nationals who are subject to a ever-growing dissipation of their national priorities. I highly recommend it not only for its sound diction and clear message, but for its integrity and honesty to reveal the crisis as it stands today and clearly defining the boundaries of the conflict and how it is shaping the future of these countries and also, for Rashid's dedication to the quantitative aspects of the conflict that are truly revealing that makes this book a top book on my international book list. 

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