Modern Freight Car Estimating: Containing Necessary Information and Tables Appertaining to the Proper Method of Compiling Correct Estimates on Freight Equipment ...

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O. M. Stimson
Press of C.P. Byrd, 1897 - Railroad cars - 499 pages
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Page 334 - And on and after July first, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, the same and no other shall be used in determining duties and taxes levied by the United States of America on sheet and plate iron and steel.
Page 283 - If a note is lost or stolen, it does not release the maker; he must pay it if the consideration for which it was given and the amount can be proven.
Page 284 - ... give notice to the last before him, and so on. Each indorser must send notice the same day or the day following. Neither Sunday or legal holiday is to be counted in reckoning the time in which notice Is to be given.
Page 296 - well shaken 99 to 117 " perfectly wet 120 to 140 Sandstones, fit for building ..... 151 Shales, red or black 162 Silver 655 Slate . . . ' 175 Snow, freshly fallen . . . . . 5 to 12 " moistened and compacted by rain . 15...
Page 294 - Ash, American white, dry 38 Asphaltum 87 Brass (copper and zinc), cast 504 " rolled 524 Brick, best pressed 150 " common hard 125 " soft, inferior 100 Brickwork, pressed brick 140 " ordinary 112 Cement, hydraulic, ground, loose, Amer., Rosendale.
Page 284 - An indorsee has a right of action against all whose names were on the bill when he received it. If the letter containing a protest of non-payment be put into the post-office, any miscarriage does not affect the party giving notice. Notice of protest may be sent either to the place of business or of residence of the party notified. The holder of a note may give notice of protest either to all the previous Indorsers or only to one of them ; in...
Page 333 - That for the purpose of securing uniformity the following is established as the only standard gauge for sheet and plate iron and steel in the United States of America, namely.
Page 386 - The inspector will proceed to load and ship from the accepted axles as many as may be required to fill the order. If, as the result of inspection and the physical and chemical tests, more axles are accepted than the order calls for, such accepted axles in excess will be stamped by the inspector with his own name, and will then be piled and allowed to remain at the works, subject to further orders from the purchasing agent. On receipt of further orders, axles once accepted will, of course, not...
Page 387 - To measure the deflection after the first blow prepare a straight edge as long as the axle, by reinforcing it on one side, equally at each end, so that when it is laid on the axle, the reinforced parts will rest on the collars or ends of the axle, and the balance of the straight edge not touch the axle at any place.
Page 287 - The standard measure of length of both coun'tries is theoretically that of a pendulum vibrating seconds at the level of the sea, in the latitude of London, in a vacuum, with Fahrenheit's thermometer at 62. The length of such a pendulum is supposed to be divided into 39.1393 equal parts, called inches; and 36 of these inches were adopted as the standard yard of both countries. But the Parliamentary standard having been destroyed by fire, in 1834, it was found to be impossible to restore it by measurement...

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