The Flag-ship: Or, A Voyage Around the World in the United States Frigate Columbia...

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Page 325 - it is said, in the United States, make a part of the Protestant clergy of the chief of this archipelago, direct his counsels, influence his conduct, and are the true authors of the insults given by him to France. FOR ME THEY COMPOSE A PART OF THE NATIVE POPULATION, AND MUST •UNDERGO THE UNHAPPY CONSEQUENCES OF A
Page 147 - uniformly so; and to add to this virtue, so worthy of the appellation of benevolence, these actions have been performed in so free, and so kind a manner, that, if I was dry I drank the sweet draught, and if hungry, ate the
Page 133 - month and more. If the present state of affairs continues she will not leave these seas in twice that time. I have become very pleasantly located in the family of the Rev. Mr. Shuck, whose residence is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of the town, and
Page 322 - 2d. That a site for a Catholic church be given by the government at Honolulu, a port frequented by the French, and that this church be ministered by priests of their nation. " 3d. That all Catholics imprisoned on account of religion since the last
Page 323 - extended to the French missionaries, be immediately set at liberty. " 4th. That the king of the Sandwich Islands deposit in the hands of the Captain of the 1'Artemise the sum of twenty thousand dollars, as a guarantee of his future conduct towards France, which sum the government
Page 214 - renew this meeting, But we shall never be so young as we are now. The shadows of the passing cloud speedily vanish, The falling leaf returns not to its branch ; Should I fly like the wild bird to seek you in the south, In what part of yon blue mountains shall we meet
Page 90 - cherub of her affection, which went from her bosom almost as soon as it was born, to the arms of Him who said, " Suffer little children to come unto me ?" How should the child recall the mother who left it in its cradle as she went from earth to the peace and purity and bliss of heaven
Page 324 - Having been sent by my government to put an end to the ill treatment to which, under the false pretexts of Catholicity, the French have been subjected for several years in this archipelago, my intention is to commence hostilities the 13th July, (which is the
Page 324 - under these circumstances, on the part of the natives, either for their persons or property. " Receive, Monsieur le Consul, the assurance of the very distinguished considerations of your devoted servant. " Post-captain commanding the ship 1'Artemise. " C. LA PLACE.
Page 161 - A place for every thing and every thing in its place." " MY DEAR MARY,— "The time is at hand when you are to bid adieu to the land of your birth, to enter upon a mission of mercy to a distant and heathen portion of our race. If