The Mound Builders: Being an Account of a Remarkable People that Once Inhabited the Valleys of the Ohio and Mississippi, Together with an Investigation Into the Archæology of Butler County, O.

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Robert Clarke & Company, 1879 - Butler County (Ohio) - 233 pages
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Page 37 - The people cannot come up to mount Sinai: for thou chargedst us, saying, Set bounds about the mount, and sanctify it. And the LORD said unto him, Away, get thee down, and thou shalt come up, thou, and Aaron with thee: but let not the priests and the people break through to come up unto the LORD, lest he break forth upon them.
Page 57 - Between Chillicothe and Columbus, on the eastern border of the Scioto valley, not far from twenty may be selected, so placed in respect to each other, that it is believed, if the country were cleared of forests, signals of fire might be transmitted in a few minutes along the whole line. On a hill opposite Chillicothe, nearly six hundred feet in height, the loftiest in the entire region, one of these mounds is placed ; after the fall of the leaves in autumn it is a conspicuous object from every work...
Page 146 - In the light of modern discovery and scientific investigation we are able to follow the Mound Builders. We first found them in Ohio engaged in tilling the soil and developing a civilization peculiar to themselves. Driven from their homes they sought an asylum in the South, and from there they wandered into Mexico, where we begin to learu something more definite concerning them.
Page 99 - but I cannot have been deceived as you suppose, for I was eye-witness to the events which took place under my own window, and the man fell there on that spot where you see a paving-stone standing up above the rest.
Page 118 - Experienced archaeologists had never much faith in the Holy stone. When Moses and the ten commandments appeared, Wyrick's character as an impostor was soon established. "Not long after this he died, and in his private room among the valuable relics he had so zealously collected, a Hebrew Bible was found, which fully cleared up the mystery of Hebrew inscriptions 'even in Ohio.
Page 53 - Conforming to the curve of the hill, and occupying its very summit, is the serpent, its head resting near the point, and its body winding back for seven hundred feet, in graceful undulations, terminating in a triple coil at the tail.
Page 99 - Jthe duties of the historian to mankind, when suddenly his attention was attracted by a disturbance in the court-yard before his cell. He saw one man strike another whom he supposed by his dress to be an officer ; the latter at once drew his sword and ran the former through the body. The wounded man felled his adversary with a stick, and then sank upon the pavement. At this juncture the guard came up and carried off the officer insensible, and then the corpse of the man who had been run through....
Page 39 - The usual dimensions are, however, considerably less than the examples here given. The greater number range from six to thirty feet in perpendicular height, by forty to one hundred feet in diameter at the base.
Page 129 - It is pretty well established that since the time of the Mound Builders, and prior to the advent of the Indian, a race known as the "Villagers" occupied certain districts of this country and made the " garden beds" found in northern Indiana, lower Missouri, and in the valleys of the Grand River and St.
Page 113 - York about thirty years ago, which purported to be a series of discoveries made in the moon by Sir John Herschel during his residence at the Cape of Good Hope.

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