History of the Late Polish Revolution: And the Events of the Campaign

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Carter and Hendee, 1832 - Poland - 406 pages
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Page 403 - ... tranquillity. As it is, moreover, our wish to secure to the inhabitants of Poland the continuance of all the essential requisites for the happiness of individuals and of the country in general, namely, .security of persons and property, liberty of conscience, and all the laws and...
Page 403 - ... and the laws of cities and towns remain in full vigor. ART. 2. The crown of the kingdom of Poland is hereditary in our person and in our heirs and successors, agreeably to the order of succession to the throne prescribed by all the Russias. ART. 3. The coronation of the Emperors of all the Russians and kings of Poland shall be one and the same ceremonial, which shall take place at Moscow, in the presence of a deputation from the kingdom of Poland, which shall assist at that solemnity with the...
Page 403 - ... of towns and communes, so that the kingdom of Poland, with a separate administration adapted to its wants, may not cease to form an integral part of our empire, and that the inhabitants of this country may henceforward constitute a nation united with the...
Page 402 - Hence we consider it one of our most sacred duties to watch with paternal care over the welfare of our faithful subjects, and to use every means in our power to prevent the recurrence of similar catastrophes, by taking from the ill-disposed the power of disturbing public tranquillity. As it is, moreover, our wish to...
Page 404 - The Roman Catholic religion, being that of the majority of our Polish subjects, shall be the object of especial protection of the government. ART. 6. The funds which the Roman Catholic clergy possess, and those of the Greek church united, shall be considered as the common and inviolable property of the hierarchy of each of those creeds. ART. 7. The protection of the laws is assured to all the inhabitants without distinction of rank or class. Each shall be empowered to assume dignities or to exercise...
Page 405 - Russian empire and kingdom of Poland shall be regulated according to the respective interests of the two countries. ART. 20. Our army in the empire and in the kingdom shall compose one in common, without distinction of Russian or Polish troops. We shall reserve to ourselves a future decision of this, by an especial law, in which arrangement, and upon whose basis, the kingdom of Poland shall participate with our army.
Page 404 - Each person arrested must submit to a delay of three days to be heard and judged of, according to the forms of law, before competent tribunals ; if he be found innocent, he will instantly obtain his liberty. He will be equally restored to liberty who shall furnish a sufficient surety.
Page 2 - Love of one's country is the first duty of civilized man. In my situation, I have many interests to conciliate, and many duties to fulfil. If I had reigned during the first, the second, or the third division of Poland, I should have armed my people to defend her.
Page 403 - ARTCLE 3. The crown of the kingdom of Poland is hereditary in our person, and that of our descendants, heirs, and successors, according to the order of succession established for the imperial throne of Russia. ARTICLE 8.
Page 403 - By the grace of God, we, Nicholas I., Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias, &c., make known as follows : — " By our manifesto of the 14th...

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