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The love of my life is my wife, and the whole of my life is Christ. I would want to die if the apple of my eye was taken from me if it were not for Christ who would only do that to give me more of Himself! Jerry Bridges wrote this book while the apple of his eye was slowly being taken from him. Jerry incorporates and integrates a plethora of biblical passages and excellent discussion questions into his writing to accurately describe how God’s sovereign, benevolent, and compassionate rules over every second of his life and the lives of Christians so that these attributes of God will be the anchors that kept Him and will keep all Christians tethered to Christ through immense suffering. This book is an excellent answer to the question of Theodicy: how can a Perfectly Powerful, Perfectly Loving and Perfectly Sovereign God still be seen as Perfectly Good & Compassionate towards sinners who are undeservingly transformed into saints but also have to deservingly endure horrific, painful discomfort and inconvenience by the decree of God to experience more of God, which will transform them to become more like God for the glorify God? Therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all Christians who are suffering and in time will suffer so that their joy in Christ will never suffer but rather be increased by the enjoyment of Christ in the midst of life’s horrific trials! Side note, this book would be best explored within either small group setting or with a biblical counselor. 

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