The Adelphi of Terence: As it is Performed at the Royal College of St. Peter, Westminster ; Together with the Verse Translation of George Colman the Elder

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School, 1890 - 75 pages
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Page 61 - Never did man lay down so fair a plan. So wise a rule of life, but fortune, age, Or long experience, made some change in it ; And taught him, that those things he thought he knew He did not know, and what he held as best, In practice he threw by.
Page 28 - Demea, non facere vobis quae modo dixti ; et quod queo conservis ad eundem istunc praecipio modum : hoc salsumst, hoc adustumst, hoc lautumst parun- ; illud recte: iterum sic memento." sedulo moneo quae possum pro mea sapientia : postremo tamquam in speculum in patinas, Demea, inspicere iubeo et moneo quid facto usus sit.
Page 72 - Dicam tibi. Ut id ostenderem, quod te isti facilem et festivum putant, Id non fieri ex vera vita, neque adeo ex aequo et bono; Sed ex assentando, indulgendo, et largiendo, Micio.
Page 4 - ... nimium ipse est durus praeter aequomque et bonum, et errat longe mea quidem sententia, qui imperium credat gravius esse aut stabilius vi quod fit quam illud quod amicitia adiungitur.
Page 59 - Demea,' says Micio, in effect, 'the boys will come out right when they grow up. Spendthrift youth quite naturally becomes miserly old age. That is the law.' 0 my dear Demea, in all matters else Increase of years increases wisdom in us ; This only vice age brings along with it ; ' We're all more worldly-minded than there's need:' Which passion age, that kills all passions else, Will ripen in your sons, too.
Page 60 - Numquam ita quisquam bene subducta ratione ad vitam fuit, Quin res aetas usus semper aliquid adportet novi, Aliquid moneat : ut illa quae te scire credas nescias, Et quae tibi putaris prima, in experiundo ut repudies.
Page 24 - Demea di vostram fidem, utrum studione id sibi habet an laudi putat fore, si perdiderit gnatum ? vae misero mihi ! videre videor iam diem illum, quom hinc egens profugiet aliquo militatum.
Page 50 - Ita vitast hominum, quasi quom ludas tesseris; Si illud, quod maxume opus est, iactu non cadit, Illud quod cecidit forte, id arte ut corrigas.
Page 5 - Tis hard in him, unjust, and out of reason. And he, I think, deceives himself indeed, Who fancies that authority more firm Founded on force, than what is built on friendship...
Page 3 - Lest he take cold or fall or break a limb ! Gods ! that a man should suffer any one To wind himself so close about his heart As to grow dearer to him than himself ! And yet he is not my son, but my brother's, Whose bent of mind is wholly different. I from youth upward even to this day Have led a quiet and serene town-life, And, as some reckon fortunate, ne'er married; He, in all points the opposite of this, Has passed his days entirely in the country With thrift and labor, married, had two sons.

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