Plato's Republic: Essays

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Clarendon Press, 1894
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Page xxx - against itself is brought to desolation ; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand ; and if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself : how shall then his kingdom stand ? ') ; also that there is no unmixed evil in the individual. Cp. Lys.
Page 129 - The caves of the Icarian isles Hold each to the other in loud mockery : ' Tolde}. Rossetti and so the MS., and also a list of errata in Shelley's handwriting. I understand also that in Chaucer five conjectural readings of Tyrwhitt's have been found in the
Page 308 - always means that which is primary, fundamental and persistent as opposed to that which is secondary, derivative and transient, what is given as opposed to what is made or becomes." The preciseness of this statement can hardly be borne out by quotations, but it may be accepted as an expression of the fact that the early philosophers in writing
Page 21 - Might is Right, and that Justice (as Shakespeare's royal villain says of Conscience) ' is but a word that cowards use, Devised at first to keep the strong in awe." The sophistical paradox is associated in both dialogues with admiration of the tyrant as the one strong man, who by trampling upon so-called rights secures his interest and asserts his power. Adeimantus, however, introduces a new element into the discussion, when he says
Page viii - His nose was as sharp as a pen On a table of green fields
Page 307 - Early Greek Philosophy argues with much force in favour of the thesis that 'the word which was used by the early cosmologists to express the idea of a permanent and primary substance was none other than
Page 204 - is constantly used to direct attention to the fact that the speaker is not uttering his own thought. The light particle enables Plato to dispense with such clumsy additions as (a) ' as my informant said,
Page 106 - AM, cp. Laws VI. 772 A. § 17. (e) Logical confusions, especially between affirmative and negative, positive and privative, are peculiarly frequent in the text of Plato. There are more than fifty instances of this form of error in the Republic ; mostly, however, amongst the later MSS. A 1 ; III. 395 C Iva. JUT)
Page 73 - Interpolationen und Ergänzungen der Lücken, welche A bietet, 1 The older hand of Flor, b, was formerly attributed to the twelfth century. But E. Rostagno, who has examined both MSS. (M and b) places nearly a century between them. aus der zweiten Klasse erfahren haben. So kommt es, dass mehrmals A mit seinen Weglassungen allein dasteht
Page 60 - and conscious impressiveness. 2. The increasing prevalence of certain particles and formulae, adopted partly for euphony, and partly to suit with an archaic and tragic colouring. 3. A range of diction passing far beyond the limits of 'Attic purity,' and reverting in a remarkable degree to the use of

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