Re-dedication of the Old State House, Boston, July 11, 1882

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order of the City Council, 1883 - 179 pages
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Page 82 - If the Lieutenant-Governor or Colonel Dalrymple, or both together, have authority to remove one regiment, they have authority to remove two, and nothing short of the total evacuation of the town by all the regular troops, will satisfy the public mind or preserve the peace of the province.
Page 142 - Governor in Chief in and over his Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England and Vice Admiral of the same.
Page 72 - Then and there was the first scene of the first act of opposition to the arbitrary claims of Great Britain. Then and there the child Independence was born.
Page 74 - That all Acts made, by any Power whatever, other than the General Assembly of this Province, imposing Taxes on the Inhabitants, are Infringements of our inherent and unalienable Rights as Men and British subjects: and render void the most valuable Declarations of our Charter.
Page 92 - Nantaskct, and Point Alderton likewise discharged their cannon. Then the detachment of artillery fired their cannon thirteen times, which was followed by the two regiments giving their fire from the thirteen divisions in succession. These firings The State government, which consisted of the Legislature without a Governor, still remained at "Watertown.
Page 38 - Sir William arrives in the Nonsuch Frigat: Candles are lighted before He gets into Townhouse. Eight Companies wait on Him to his house, and then on Mr. [Increase] Mather to his. Made no volleys because 'twas Satterday night.
Page 170 - Library my 3 great writing bookes wch are intended as an Exposition or Interpretation of the whole Bible, as also a 4th great writing booke in which is an exposition on the Prophecy of Daniel of the Revelations & the Prophecy of Hosea not long since began...
Page 70 - Hutchinson at their head, as Chief Justice, all arrayed in their new, fresh, rich robes of scarlet English broadcloth; in their large cambric bands and immense judicial wigs.
Page 20 - His name who bids us render unto Caesar the things which are Cesar's, and unto God the things which are God's...
Page 118 - ... and holding in her hand the immortal scroll on which her name and character and claims to her inheritance were inscribed, received from the street, filled with an impenetrable phalanx, and windows glittering with a blaze of beauty, the heartfelt homage and electrifying peals of men, women, and children of the whole city. The splendor of that glorious vision of my childhood seems to be now present to my view, and the harmony of that universal concert to vibrate in my ear.

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