Memoirs of Simon Bolivar

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S. G. Goodrich, 1829 - Colombia - 447 pages
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Page 2 - Co. of the said district, have deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof they claim as proprietors, in the words following, to wit : " Tadeuskund, the Last King of the Lenape. An Historical Tale." In conformity to the Act of the Congress of the United States...
Page 317 - Bolivar would ape the great man. He aspires to be a second Bonaparte, in South America, without possessing a single talent for the duties of the field or the cabinet.
Page 318 - Cura, that he would move off his own troops, and act no more with him in command ; adding, " I never lost a battle wherein I acted by myself, or in a separate command, and I have always been defeated when acting in concert with you, and under your orders.
Page 340 - Congress, to whom shall be presented, in the light of a project, the one decreed by the present Congress, and which, together with the laws promulgated by the same, shall immediately be put into execution, by way of an essay.
Page 347 - El Secretario de Estado del despacho del interior queda encargado de la ejecución de este decreto. Dado en el palacio de gobierno en Bogotá a 11 de julio de 1826, 16 de la Independencia. Francisco de Paula Santander. El secretario del interior: José Manuel Restrepo.
Page 58 - Serjeant's halbert. A blanket of about a yard square, with a hole, or rather slit, cut in the centre, through which the wearer thrusts his head, falls on each side of his shoulders, thus covering his body, and leaving his bare arms at perfect liberty to manage his horse, or mule, and lance.
Page 312 - Bolivar is a mean looking person, seemingly, though but thirty-eight, about fifty years of age. He is about five feet six inches in height, thin sallow complexion, lengthened visage, marked with every symptom of anxiety, care, and I could almost add, despondency. He seemed also to have undergone great fatigue. His dark, and according to report, brilliant eyes, were now dull and heavy, although I could give them credit for possessing more fire and animation, when his frame was less harassed. Black...
Page 341 - Grenada, possess all the means and faculties necessary to place them in the most elevated state of power and prosperity. 2. That constituted into separate Republics, however closely bound by the ties of union, they would find it difficult to give strhility to their sovereignty, or inspire respect for it.
Page 346 - Que ya el poder ejecutivo ha declarado estar en el caso del artículo 128 de la constitución, y en consecuencia ha convocado oportunamente el congreso; y deseando por una parte corresponder a la confianza de los pueblos, y por otra conservar la constitución actual hasta tanto que la nación por los medios legítimos y competentes provea a su reforma, oído el consejo de gobierno, he venido en decretar y decreto lo siguiente: Artículo 1°.
Page 349 - ... decreto de esta fecha. El Secretario de Estado del Despacho de Hacienda queda encargado de la ejecución de este decreto. Dado en Bogotá, capital de la República, a 23 de noviembre de 1826. SIMÓN BOLÍVAR. El Secretario de Estado del Despacho de Hacienda, JM del Castillo".

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