PLANET GOOGLE: One Company's Audacious Plan to Organize Everything We Know

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Yes, the Googleplex is trying to take over the world, but in the end this vaunted company is just as fallible as the others.In his just-the-facts account, New York Times columnist Stross (Business/San Jose State Univ.; The Wizard of Menlo Park: How Thomas Alva Edison Invented the Modern World, 2007, etc.) assumes a judicious tone, avoiding the common extremes of either enthusing with childlike ... Read full review

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I enjoyed reading this book. It really exciting the understand the internals of busienss and technical model of google with such details.

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Stross' review of Google provides excellent insight into the corporate culture of the search giant. Google is unlike any company today. It's vision to organize the worlds information is a task that seems impossible, yet if anyone can do it, it will be Google.
Stross presents a balanced analysis of Google's strengths (creativity, innovation, the ability to solve any problems, capital), and weaknesses (forgetting the concerns of end-users, strategic errors in web video, news and social networking).
Please be aware, however, that Stross' writing style is a little ADHD. He jumps around from topic to topic and his chapters are very loosely arranged around a theme. As long as you can keep multiple story lines and details mentally organized, you will enjoy this book.

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An amazing book which is not only well organized and systematic, it also leads the reader from one theme to another much like a master storyteller would in a novel.
An excellent read which helped
me understand the intricacies like the walled garden, walled universe as well as Google Book Search and Google Earth!
I highly recommend everyone to read this quickly for a good understanding of the search engine that affects our life online in a significant way.

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Get a load of Google's vision
Mind Boggling

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Worth the read. Even before the paint dries on this book, the very day I go to explore book search is the day Google announces it has settled its lawsuits with the publishers [13 Apr 2009] and while the book states on page 107 that "it had indexed about 1 million volumes" today, it has indexed 7 million. Wow - Google is really moving out fast. 

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everything you need to know in order to understand, the intangible and inevitable space around us, the world wide web. a must read for everybody who understands the centralized information age will come to an end, sooner than you think, and for those who have no idea why...

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