The Adam and Eve Story the History of Cataclysms Uncensored Digital Version: Magnetic Pole Shift

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The famous CIA document, finally with a revised, readable and fully digital version. This curious text gained a lot of attention as the 2010's approached their end, and as science finally started to acknowledge the fact that there is a big possibility that the Magnetic Pole Shift can, indeed, be a cataclysmic event that destroys everything, and that this cataclysm might be imminent. A discussion that, for years, was shut down by the use of terms "conspiracy theory" and "pseudoscience", is finally starting to gain the attention it needs; even though it might be too late now. This is only a single part of a vast literature dealing with the subject of Magnetic Pole Shift. We hope this book is read only as the first step on your research on this extremely important topic.

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