Local records; or, Historical register of remarkable events, which have occurred in Northumberland and Durham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Berwick-upon-Tweed. Repr, Volume 1

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Page 193 - An altar of earth thou shalt make unto me, and shalt sacrifice thereon thy burnt offerings, and thy peace offerings, thy sheep, and thine oxen: in all places where I record my name I will come unto thee, and I will bless thee.
Page 139 - But ill tongues and worse hearts have branded even his last moments, as wrongfully as they did his life, with irreligion. You must have heard many tales on this subject ; but if ever there was a good Christian, without knowing himself to be so, it was Dr. Garth.
Page 99 - Upon this the lady gave it him, and told him its many virtues, viz. that it cured all diseases in cattle, and the bite of a mad dog both in man and beast. It is used by dipping the stone in water, which is given to the diseased cattle to drink ; and the person who has been bit, and the wound or part infected, is washed with the water.
Page 110 - Bourne. This year, a bowling green was made in part of the Forth, Newcastle. A tavern was also built, with a balcony projecting from the front, and a parapet wall, from whence the (spectators could behold the bowlers. By an order of common council, a wall was built, and lime-trees, brought out of Holland, planted around it in 1680. It was an ancient custom for the mayor, aldermen, and sheriff of Newcastle, accompanied by a great number of persons, to proceed every year, at the feasts of Easter and...
Page 109 - Divine, who preached the word that was in the beginning, said that the beast and the whore had power over tongues and languages, and they are as waters. Thus I told him he might see the whore and the beast have power over the tongues and the many languages which are in Babylon. Now, said I to the man, dost thou think to make ministers of Christ, by the natural confused languages which sprang from Babel, are admired in Babel, and set a-top of Christ by a persecutor ? Oh no ! So the man confessed to...
Page 104 - ... but the scotch-man said she was, for the town said she was, and therefore he would try her; and presently in sight of all the people, laid her body naked to the waste, with...
Page 270 - Poker) that had not been opened for some years past, by which Means she got into an adjacent Room, made two Holes through the Wall, and by that Stratagem discovered the Secrets of Masonry...
Page 8 - Newcastle-uponTyne), there is a well still called Bede's Well, to which, as late as the year 1740, it was a prevailing custom to bring children troubled with any disease or infirmity ; a crooked pin was put in, and the well laved dry between each dipping.
Page 124 - In the former a panel still exists, recording his happy rise to fortune. The Baronet, then humble Duck, cast out by the butchers, stands near a bridge in an attitude of despondency, and in the air a raven is seen bearing in his bill a piece of money, which, according to tradition, fell at his feet, and which, being put out to use, was the nucleus on which he wound a splendid fortune.
Page 339 - I could produce other passages which more plainly appear to have been originally intended for the scene, but, whatever truth there may be in this report, it is certain that he did not begin to mould...

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